Random Bits For A Thursday

During the summer, I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer, so I didn’t catch a change in one of the sites I used to frequent.  I say “used to” because the change I saw was one that caused me to decide to skip right by it:  Digg.  Yes, after about 8 years there, I am no longer a member, and no, I don’t plan on going through the process to reinstate.  They’ve decided to require you to log in with your Facebook account.  Since I don’t have one, and have no plans to get one, it’s another site I’m not going to bother with.  I’ve seen other sites do that, and I don’t go to them anymore either.

It’s been a hectic summer this year, because we’ve had more changeover in supervisors than we normally have in 5 years.   For those who think that positions are “easily replaceable,” there’s someone who has learned the hard way that it’s not quite that simple.    You see, instead of the slot he thought he was going to get, which gives you training for a supervisor’s position,  he was thrown into the supervisor’s position  as a quick replacement for someone who left.   The rest of us call him “that poor kid.”   While he’s being given a lot of support, the problem is that it’s tough enough to learn the job the normal way.  Doing it on a “sink or swim” basis usually means … sinking.  Which is why he’s decided to leave at the end of this month.

Mars Curiosity has landed, and we’re getting some great stuff back already from it.  First of all, just the fact that it landed is something else.

While previous probes show us where all the pieces are:

Next up will be the actual mission.  What will it find?  We don’t know.  If we knew the answer, we wouldn’t need to go there.  That’s the fun part of science – finding out something that no one has ever known before!

Mitt Romney’s campaign has … once again … managed to step in it.  This time they’re antagonizing conservatives.   Tsk, how dare anyone on his campaign say nice things about Massachusetts healthcare law!  It’s suspiciously like … the one they’re attacking the President over!   Don’t worry, conservatives.  Mitt will roll over and apologize any moment now.


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  1. sjterrid

    Excellent read for a Thursday afternoon. Love the picture of the dog.