Romney Unveils His New Campaign Strategy and Song

Today, Mitt Romney told Chuck Todd his desire for how the campaign should be run, which leads to his new campaign song:

He said:

“[O]ur campaign would be helped immensely if we had an agreement between both campaigns that we were only going to talk about issues and that attacks based upon business or family or taxes or things of that nature, this is just a diversion,” Romney said. He added, “I would love to have a setting where we only talk about issues.”

Right.  So, as Steve Benen points out,

Regardless, this is quite an unexpected turn. Romney, very quickly, has gone from “Vote for me because of my business background” to “My business background is just a diversion.”

Romney is now saying we shouldn’t be considering his business record as part of the campaign.   Why?  Because suddenly his business record looks to be a liability.  Questions about just exactly when he left Bain, how he ran it when he was there, and his role as the head of the audit committee for Marriott in the Son of Boss tax scandal, and his unwillingness to answer questions about his tax returns are all taking its toll  on his standing.  So he wants it “off the table.”

As many have pointed out, Romney has been avoiding talking about his stint as a governor.  That’s because his record there doesn’t play well with the conservative base, particularly his signing of the healthcare law, which was a model for the one President Obama passed.   So he’d rather those years not be mentioned.   Benen points out:

What was once presented as Romney’s central qualification for the presidency is now an issue he wants off the table, free from all scrutiny.

So, according to Mitt, we – and in particular President Obama – aren’t supposed to bring up anything that supposedly qualifies him for office, or what he wants to do.  Which leaves us with only one qualification he’s apparently willing to acknowledge:  He’s white.     After all, besides that, all Mitt has is … plenty of nothing.



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32 responses to “Romney Unveils His New Campaign Strategy and Song

  1. C’mon. You don’t think Senator Reid’s “Deep Throat” is an attempt to change the conversation from the lousy economy? And debating the exact date that Romney left Bain? And needing to see more of Romney’s tax returns? I wish we could instead talk about what we’re going to do about the economy and the unemployed. As Cory Booker said, it’s a distraction from the real issues.

    • nathkatun7

      Nonsense! Romney says that we should vote for him because he is a businessman but then he doesn’t want his business practices examined. He also doesn’t want his record as a one term governor examined that is what he destroyed most of his record after he left the governorship. So on what basis should we hire Romney to fix the economy and deal with unemployment.

      As far as I am concerned, Romney’s taxes are very relevant because we need to see if he truly believes in his slogan, “Believe in America.” All presidential candidates since his father submitted more than a partial year of tax returns. The partial year he gave us had troubling clues that suggest that Romney believes in making money more than he believes in America. McCain submitted only two years of returns because he already had previous tax returns on record from his run as Senate Candidate.

      Citing Cory Booker, a black Democrat, is your effort at distracting us from examining Romney’s business record. I also noticed that you conveniently left out Republicans who have called on Romney to release his tax returns.

      • He released 2 years of tax returns. What more do you want? Do you think that Romney cheated on his returns? He’s probably been one of the more high profile figures over the last several years and I’d assume the IRS would be all over him.

        • The same as every other candidate for the Presidency has releases since Mitt’s father started it. How’s that work for you? You seem to feel that Mitt should be accorded special privileges. Oh, and he only released one year’s tax returns, not two.

          • Hoops

            Special privileges? What is the rule requiring releasing of tax returns that Romney violated? And do you think that there’s something that the IRS has missed when auditing his returns in the past? What’s the big deal with knowing how much money he’s made and how much taxes he’s paid? How at all is that relevant to whether he’d be a good President?

            And he’s only released one return?

          • You might note – or you should have – that he hasn’t released his 2011 return yet. So far, he’s only released the 2010 return, and that isn’t complete, btw.

            Now, it’s not a “big deal knowing how much money he’s made.” What’s the big deal is that every single candidate for President in the past 40 years, except for him has done so. What’s “interesting” is that he seems to feel he should be the exception, and that he’s being extremely secretive about it. So yes, that does raise a lot of questions, even among other Republicans.

            You seem to feel that it’s not an issue, but it’s part of a pattern with him. You might want to note that he destroyed records of his term as governor – against state law – as well as records of his stint in charge of the Salt Lake City Olympics. Apparently, Mitt doesn’t believe in leaving a trail behind him.

    • Mitt’s problem is that he’s been distracting from “real issues” since day one. He hasn’t released a plan to address the economy, beyond hazy “cut taxes” and “cut government,” which independent analyses show would simply increase the deficit far more than anything President Obama would do, along with increasing taxes on the middle class. He’s already demonstrated an incredible amount of obtuseness when it comes to foreign affairs, although he does seem to be up on which countries are the most favorable tax havens.

      Now, if he were running based on his experience as governor of Massachusetts, we could look at that. Oh, right, people have. His job creation record was among the worst of the 50 states during his tenure. So, he’s been running on his experience as a businessman, except now that it’s open to examination, he’s changed his mind on that.

      That’s aside from the constant lies, and oh, yes, his own attack ads which he graciously overlooks. So far, he’s acting like a T-ball player trying to tell everyone he belongs in the major leagues.

      • Hoops

        “Constant lies”? Doesn’t that sound like bi-partisan drivel?

        • No, it’s not. It’s constant on Mitt’s part. He lies about virtually everything. It’s so bad that even fact checkers are having trouble keeping up with it.

          • Hoops

            Virtually everything? Geez.

          • Seriously. The man lies constantly, to the extent that even the conservative press has started mentioning it. It’s not a case of “shading the truth,” spin, or selective presentation. It’s just outright lying. For example, his whole attack on the administration’s suit about early voting in Ohio. It’s a complete lie. It’s at the point if he said the sun would rise in the east tomorrow morning, people would be getting up at o-dark-thirty with compasses, and be unsurprised if rose in the west.

    • majiir

      It seems as if you’re unaware of the bruising Cory Booker took as a result of his playing defense for Romney. He still hasn’t recovered and is still on many Black Americans’ sh*t list. He has a long way to go before he can, if ever, return to our good graces. His comment has hurt him because it means that he doesn’t have the support he once had, not only from Black Americans but also, from other groups that support PBO.

      • I am aware that Booker took a bruising for speaking his mind. Does that invalidate what he said? He said he’s sick of BOTH sides talking about stupid points rather than focusing on the big issues. What’s wrong with that?

        • nabsentia23

          Romney says his business experience at Bain qualifies him to be President. So how is talking about Bain a stupid point? How is talking about Bain not focusing on the big issues when Romney says that his experience there makes him good at “creating jobs?”

          Booker immediately knew he put his foot in his mouth when he made those comments. And he especially realized that when the right wing used his own words against him, Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party in campaign ads. So, your mentioning of him does little to change the fact that Romney is a weak candidate. He can’t comprehend a little thing that is a major part of being a political leader in a democratic society….disclosure! He’s living proof that business and government are not the same thing and therefore, can’t be run the same way!

  2. pamela

    so no tax of business, taxes, family, or anything of that nature? hmm mitt, what shall we talk about? moron!

  3. Carrie

    This man pathologically lies and whether you are a Republican or a Democrat you have at least acknowledge that. What bewilders me is the Republican Party not thinking this one out, and actually even considering him for the Presidential nomination. I believe there were better choices. He will not win the Presidency. I am ashamed of the Republican Party and the lengths that the Republican Party has gone to insure that Mitt wins. Voter fraud, changing registration laws..really? There is a vibe coming off of them that forced me to change my Party affiliation 4 years ago. I feel as if it is an extreme good ol’ boy, racist, woman hating, insanity festival with a bit of good ol’ bible thumpin’ for flavor. And everyone on that side is nuts. Rush, Ann, they all sound like little pathetic spoiled, school children. When faced with facts they quickly run and hide or come out screaming about how unfair it all is. Whatever pride they use to have in just a few short years they have managed to diminish and sadly (in my opinion) only because there is a black man sitting in the white house. It has literally made them crazy.

  4. Suzanne

    One positive thing I can say is neither candidate has mentioned family, except to say they are family men, and that is true about both of them. Romney has always been the guy in charge and now he’s not, and I honestly think he doesn’t get it. Yeah, the Republican debates were fun, destroying Newt and arguing who was more conservative with Rick, but now he’s in the big leagues and he doesn’t seem to like it very much. It doesn’t sound like he really wants to be President anymore, does it? He seems tired and old. Obama knows how down and dirty it can be, after all he had to get the Democratic Nomination first, and then run for President. I think he deserves four more years; it’s hard to get much done in the first term, but going into the second term, you know what NEEDS to be done.

    • Mitt has had his path smoothed for him for much of his life. The one “tough” election he had before this was when he ran against Ted Kennedy, and seriously, he wasn’t expected to win anyway. He had a pretty soft path through this primary season, as most of his opponents backed off of any strong criticism of his record. The thing I’ve said before is that he seems to have never planned for this election. Almost everything he’s getting “hit” with now are things that any serious politician would have seen coming, yet he’s totally unprepared for it. As I said, he’s a t-ball player who is shocked, shocked! to find out that in real baseball someone is throwing pitches at you, and sometimes the pitches are getting really close to you! His complaining about it is not winning him a lot of fans even among the conservative pundits.

      • Hoops

        Well since Obama worked on “Wall Street” as you claim, I guess he’s well qualified to be President!

        • nabsentia23

          You and “hoopsmaven” aren’t very good at concern trolling. Not to mention that your defense of Romney is pretty lame. And are we suppose to be impressed by your mentioning of Cory Booker? Oh, please. It’s clear you’re not keeping up at all with the current news cycle.

          Mitt Romney is the worst Presidential candidate to come out of either party within the last 50 years. And if you and your sidekick, “hoopsmaven” can’t see that, then tough.

          • Nope, they’re not, and they’re not even different people. 😆

          • Because I have a different point of view you accuse me of trolling? My point is that I agree with Booker that we are wasting time talking about stupid issues (like how many years of tax returns should be disclosed or exactly when Romney left Bain).

          • nabsentia23

            No, that’s not the reason. Come on, if you’re going to troll, at least come up with less obvious usernames! Hoops and Hoopsmaven. Oh, please. LOL!

          • No, it’s not because you have a different point of view. It’s because you’re using two different usernames (same IP, btw), to post here, and you wonder why this gets you flagged as a potential troll? Second, you’ve been making excuses for Romney since the beginning. Now, many people think it’s increasingly fishy that he’s not releasing his tax returns. The attitude he demonstrates is not conducive to making the issue go away. Add in his demonstrated penchant for erasing records in the past, and you have to wonder exactly what it is he’s hiding. The timing of his leaving Bain is germane, since his “defense” about some of the actions Bain took that have been the subject of Democratic ads has been “I wasn’t there.” So when it turns out he was there, or at least officially was still in charge (according to SEC documents), it either means he was responsible, or he was lying to the SEC. Either way, not exactly something to inspire confidence.

            Now, as to discussing issues? We’d love to. Unfortunately for Romney, as much as he whines about it, the reality is that he’s remarkably … vague … when it comes to anything resembling issues. He doesn’t want to discuss specifics, in fact avoids coming out with any specifics on any particular issue. So far, the “platform” seems to have been “I ran a business,” “trust me,” and “hey, I’m white!”

  5. see above

    This is a perfect picture of a man and a woman who grew up and have lived a very privileged existence. They have come to expect deference and awe in their relations with others. Nobody should ever question them because they are part of the chosen. Mitt was intended to save America and we mere mortals had best not question anything he says or does.

    • majiir

      Exactly, see above! Romney was born entitled and privileged, and he’s rarely had to work hard at anything because his dad’s, and his, money smoothed most of the obstacles in his path. He was so sure that Americans would find him a suitable substitute for PBO, and on the surface, he did appear to be. The problems arose when Americans got to know the real Mitt Romney. The obstinate, arrogant, “you people,” “trust me, I’ll tell ya later,” one with no plan for any issue/problem that we’re facing as a nation. He has flip flopped on every qualification he said he has that would make him presidential material. He doesn’t want to talk about Bain, his governorship in MA, his tax returns, or any of his policies, but what he does want to do is criticize PBO endlessly by repeating a constant stream of lies in person and in ads.

      • Hoops

        When did he “rarely have to work hard at anything”? Don’t you think founding Bain Capital to be working hard at something?

        • Um, let’s see. He had his father’s friends fund his start-up. He was surrounded by others to help him along. He had a running start, and do you really believe that somehow “John Smith from Podunk” is going to suddenly be handed that kind of position?

          • Hoops

            My dad helped me get my first job. (Obama probably had someone help him too, even thought he didn’t work on “Wall Street” like you say). Lots of people have. But if he wasn’t very good, he wouldn’t have survived.

          • Umm, there’s a big difference between “helping get your first job” and being handed the the leadership of a multi-million dollar venture fund. That you don’t get that difference shows more about you than anything else.

        • nabsentia23

          Romney wouldn’t take the job at Bain unless there was no risk. It’s clear you know very little about Romney or Bain Capital.

  6. aquagranny911

    IMHO, I think it is very important and a matter of national security that Romney release his tax returns. We need to know where his money is invested, to whom he might be beholden, if he might be open to coercion or black mail by foreign interests. All high level government employees with top security clearance are vetted in this way. He should be no exception.

    The American people are NOT looking for a job with Romney’s companies. He is looking for a job with us. We have every right to not only ask but even demand that he be transparent in his current dealings & past business practice by releasing his tax returns.