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Sunday Fun Stuff

One of the aspects of my job during field season is to educate people, in particular stressing why it’s not a good thing to feed wild animals.   You’re not really doing them a favor, and it’s sometimes harmful.

I really should set a better example.

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Interesting Stuff For A Thursday Morning

Some really nice pictures here from Mars:

A sharp-eyed camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has located the impact scars left by components jettisoned from the Curiosity rover on its hellish descent to the Martian surface in August.

They’re impressive on several counts.  First that those pieces made it down, and second that we have an orbiter to take pictures of the impact craters.

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Random Bits For A Thursday

During the summer, I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer, so I didn’t catch a change in one of the sites I used to frequent.  I say “used to” because the change I saw was one that caused me to decide to skip right by it:  Digg.  Yes, after about 8 years there, I am no longer a member, and no, I don’t plan on going through the process to reinstate.  They’ve decided to require you to log in with your Facebook account.  Since I don’t have one, and have no plans to get one, it’s another site I’m not going to bother with.  I’ve seen other sites do that, and I don’t go to them anymore either.

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Just Interesting Stuff

I have a pretty wide range of interests.  Sometimes I keep track of things for professional reasons  to keep myself up to date, or it’s a past profession that I’m trying to keep my hand in, and sometimes it’s just because I happen to like it.   Something like measuring a single gene’s activity in real time is something related to what I used to do, and I can think of a number of applications down the line where this will be a great tool.  I follow a lot of the computer technology blogs for the same reason.   Sometimes, it’s not professional, it’s just what may appeal to my sense of wonder, curiosity, or my sense of humor.

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Ad Astra! 50 Years of Man in Space

50 years ago today, a major event in history took place.   For the very first time, a man left the planet.   His name?  Yuri Gagarin.

The 27-year-old cosmonaut’s mission lasted just 108 minutes and was fraught with drama: a break in data transmission, glitches involving antennas, a retrorocket and the separation of modules. And there was an overarching question that science had yet to answer: What would weightlessness do to a human being?

It was not just that question, there was a real danger that the rocket might not even get off the ground.  It was a “first,” in many ways, and no one was certain of anything.  Yet he got into the capsule, and went.  Continue reading


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