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Yes, You Are Being Racist, Conservatives!

After the Zimmerman trial, a number of conservative types weighed in, particularly after President Obama’s statement.  Of course, they’ll all state that the only racism is on the part of all those black people protesting and, of course, the President.   The reality?  Something quite the opposite, and that they can’t even see it is just how deeply engrained it is.

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Some Meta

Stating what’s obvious, I’ve decided to bring Norbrook’s Blog back out of hiatus.  While I thought that I would probably do so at some point, it happened a lot sooner than I’d thought it would.  As with most things that I plan, it seems that external events means scrapping plans and starting on a different path.    So for now, at least until the political situation calms down (unlikely) or I start getting incredibly busy with my paying job (very likely), this blog will remain “active.”

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Helpful Hint For Conservatives: You’re Not A Majority. Really.

One of things I’ve noticed over the past few years is that the purists on either side of the political spectrum seem to share a common delusion.  That is, that they are a majority in this country.   I spent some time in the early days of this blog talking about that when it comes to “the Left“, and along with that, how they pointed at polls to “prove” they were right.  It’s also common to the Right, as this recent article over on CNN demonstrates:

Little of the discussion focuses on the changing demographics of the country, identified by exit polls and many analysts as a major factor in both Obama’s 2008 victory to become the nation’s first African-American president and his re-election on November 6.

Overall, though, hard-core conservatives continue to reject that they are a minority in a country built on the core principle of liberty that they embrace.

Which leads to many of their other problems, now and in the future.

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Random Bits For A Thursday

During the summer, I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer, so I didn’t catch a change in one of the sites I used to frequent.  I say “used to” because the change I saw was one that caused me to decide to skip right by it:  Digg.  Yes, after about 8 years there, I am no longer a member, and no, I don’t plan on going through the process to reinstate.  They’ve decided to require you to log in with your Facebook account.  Since I don’t have one, and have no plans to get one, it’s another site I’m not going to bother with.  I’ve seen other sites do that, and I don’t go to them anymore either.

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The Professional Left Needs To Stop Digging

An old saying is “If you’re in a hole, stop digging!”  Back in March, I wrote that there was a serious element of racism in the Left’s criticism of the President.  The past few days have reminded me of that, as I’ve watched the reaction to Melissa Harris-Perry’s response to Joan Walsh’s article in Salon.  Watching their reaction to Professor Harris-Perry’s article, and to other commenters and bloggers,  has been an exercise in watching them continue to dig, while denying they’re in a hole to begin with.

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