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COVID-19 And The Future

In my last post, I talked the current pandemic in that it was predictable, that it was going to be at least a year (and likely longer) before we’d see a vaccine, and that various treatments would be tried and many would fail.  In this one, I’m going to talk about what I think will happen over the next year. Continue reading


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Thoughts on COVID-19

Like everyone else, I’ve been following the news about the COVID-19 pandemic, and the reactions in this country and others to it.   Some are great, and some  are really disturbing.  There are areas struggling to deal with this, and others that seem to think they’re immune to it.   I spent the first 20 years of my working life in medical research, and along the way, I’ve met many experts.   Accordingly, I have some thoughts about this pandemic.

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Weekend Bits and Pieces

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I thought I’d put together various “stub posts.”  Those are created when I have an idea for a blog posting, but just not the time to, or sometimes interest in, get them fleshed out.

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A Bump In The Night

In the movie Hellboy, a young FBI agent is assigned to a very secret organization.  In his introduction to the unit, the founder tells him “There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Myers.   Make no mistake about that.  And we are the people who bump back.”   While the movie was about paranormal threats, there are large number of things in the real world of which it can be said to “go bump in the night:”  A wide range of diseases that most people in this country (or many others) have never heard of.  Every now and then, one of them comes out of obscurity to let people know it’s out there.  One of them is now in the news:  Ebola.   It’s been known about for almost 4o years, and there have been sporadic outbreaks over that time.  It’s not until recently, with a mass outbreak in Africa, and cases in this country that it’s become “news.” Continue reading


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A Zoo Or Park Is Not Nature

Recently the state environmental department announced plans to control an introduced species, which is on the verge of becoming seriously invasive.   In the areas where it’s currently established itself, it caused serious damage wetland and aquatic plants, has displaced – and often attacks – native species, created public health hazards, and injuries to the public.  Once confined to a relatively small area of the state in limited numbers, over the past few years it has spread to new areas, and numbers are increasing.  The state plans to reduce this population in the wild to zero over the next ten years.  Pretty open and shut, right?  Not really, since all such plans have a “public comment period” attached to them, and there’s a good percentage of people against it.

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