The Real Republican Platform in One Sentence

Over the years of being politically involved, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to read through various party platforms.  Being in my 60’s, I’ve also been able to see what happens when those parties get the opportunity to implement their platforms.  Because of that, I can see that no matter what the Republican Party says are their core principles in their platform, what they actually do when in power is often the opposite.

Let’s start off with an obvious one:  Balancing the budget.  It’s a constant part of their rhetoric, that the deficit is a bad thing, that the national debt is a critical problem, and so on.  On numerous occasions, you have Republicans calling for an amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced budget.  Except for one problem:  They never balance a budget, they do the opposite.  Reagan ran on how bad the deficit was under Carter.  By the time he left office, he’d tripled the national debt, and increased the annual deficit.   It wasn’t until Clinton that we actually had a balanced budget, but then George Bush ran ever larger deficits, leaving with a trillion dollar deficit.  Yes, I  know Republicans like to blame that on Obama, but it was actually Bush’s last budget.  Obama cut it to less than half by the time he left office.  Trump?  Well, he’s taken the deficit back to almost a trillion dollars.  Apparently, balancing the budget is something that’s important to them only when Democrats control government.

The next thing is the “small government” mantra they seem to subscribe to.  Listen to their campaigns, listen to their pronouncements, and you’d come away with the impression that they can’t wait to cut government down.  Except that when in office, in addition to deficit spending, they have a real knack for increasing the size of various government agencies, when they aren’t creating new ones.   That also holds true of “wasteful government spending,” and “entitlement.”  Yes, they’re going to cut back on waste, and entitlements.  Except for their wasteful spending and entitlements, that is.   Those are fine!  It’s only urban minorities, or programs they (or their friends) don’t benefit from that are “wasteful.”

There are a host of other things, too many to list,  they’ve stated over the past couple of decades that they seem to do just the opposite of when they’re in office.  While yes, they are hypocritical, it comes down to that whatever they say are their principles, are anything but.  So what is their real platform?  In one sentence, it can be stated as “Screw you, I got mine.”  Everything else they say is just to hide that.


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2 responses to “The Real Republican Platform in One Sentence

  1. Being of a similar age and having seen what you’ve seen, I can o my say ‘Amen’.

  2. This is so true, it isn’t even funny. And about the big government the GOP loves to actually push? It’s always law enforcement.