My Favorite Posts

There are over 500 posts here, and many of them relate to politics.   What was originally intended to be my “everything but politics” blog ended up being “Norbrook talks about politics.”  Rather than having you run through every single posting – although you’re more than welcome to 😉 – I’ve selected my personal favorites for each year, divided up by year.  Not all of them are political, but most of them are.


Popularity does not equal influence
Everybody loves bacon!
Pragmatic is not a dirty word
You’re not the base.  No, really, you’re not the baseHere’s why you were fooling yourself.
Rights are not subject to public opinion polls.
All sound and fury, and signifying nothing.
Nothing but net is only good in basketball.
The Right misses the point about government, and it’s rather dumb of them.
My most read post: I just feel like punching some hippies.
Why? Because I’m a pragmatic liberal.
Thinking about parks

Mans best friend.
Sure you want to do away with subsidies? Not that it makes you look like hypocrites, you know.
Adam Green can’t win, and Jane Hamsher’s running out of sheep.
I will listen to the purists on the left when they show they can do something.
There are rules in politics, and they aren’t rocket science.
Politics 101
Politics 102, and Politics 102 part 2
Remedial politics
Politics 201: Once is not enough

You don’t vote? You don’t Matter.
Politics 300:  Real politics are messy
There’s always a first: A memory for African-American Month
There are no unimportant elections.
Dear Professional Left: Did you think there were no consequences?
College used to be affordable
The Second Amendment insanity.
Republicans and the crazy.
No, we’re not jealous of the rich.
So, you don’t want big government?
Some tips for the Republican Party
The problem was shallow roots.
A lesson for liberals
Conservatives: Reality is knocking.
Purists are lousy at governing.
40 years of (almost) clean water
I’m sick and tired of guns.
Guns: Responsible regulations and culture
Guns … again.
Towards sensible gun rules
Republicans: Unfit to govern


The Conservative Cult
The Republican Party’s problem is … well … Republicans.
Republicans don’t understand women.
The message is the problem
Practical politics for the left.  Again.
Glenn Greenwald’s fish tale, and the other Snowden scandal
Yes, conservatives, you are being racist.
Sadly, political pundits don’t understand … politics.
Perfection is an unrealistic expectation for a web site.  Particularly when it’s complex.
You have the right to remain silent.  Use it.


Hypothetically, I shouldn’t be a liberal.
Slash and burn is not a sustainable economy.
Reality and Faith
Poltiics 101 for the far Left, revisited. Updated with additions.
Hope you saved the money.  A look at the future for coal, and fracking.
Conservatives are like vampires.  They can’t see themselves in a mirror.
A bump in the night.  There are lots of diseases out there that aren’t far from us.
It’s an election year.  If you don’t vote, don’t complain.
Politics 400: The horse goes before the cart.


Politics 401: Learn to say Yes
Cargo Cult politics
Progressives? Don’t expect your issues to be my issues.
“Liberals” keep pushing the wrong way.  Then they wonder why they can’t get anywhere.