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You Can’t Change The Rules In The Middle Of The Game

There was a story in Wednesday’s  NY Post about potential issues at polling places.  Mainly, that independents are suddenly realizing that New York has a closed primary, and they’re not going to be able to vote in the upcoming primary.  That means that only those registered as Democrats or Republicans are going to get to vote in their party’s primary.

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If You’re Waiting for Exciting, You’re Going To Wait A Long Time

In numerous posts here, I’ve hammered on the importance of voting.  Regular, every single election, walking into the polling place, voting.   I don’t just do it here or elsewhere on the internet, I do it in person as well.  You see, if you want political action, if you want politicians to listen to you, if you want to be considered “the base,” then you have to voteOtherwise, all those things you want don’t happen.   But here’s the thing I keep running into, the biggest excuse:  “I’m not excited.”  Usually followed by a complaint that the party should pick someone who would “excite the base.”   Mind you, except for presidential candidates they frequently can’t name who they think would be exciting enough for them.  The result is that they usually end up not voting, and then reappear to complain because whatever they were advocating before the election isn’t happening.

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Mid-Week Musing

As the long-term readers here are aware, I become scarce about this time of year, and remain that way until November.    My work takes me out into the field for the next several months, and my time, opportunity, and inclination to write blog posts takes a major hit.   A week from now, that cycle is going to start again.  Besides the usual workload, I am once again breaking in a new assistant, which means even less time.  Now, on to the other stuff.

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