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Towards Sensible Gun Rules

One of the outcomes of the Newtown tragedy is that a national conversation has started about gun control, and reducing the levels of gun violence in this country.  It’s sad that it took the deaths of 20 children to bring this front and center, but unlike previous tragedies it looks like this one has staying power.   As I’ve said in a previous post here, we need not only have sensible regulations, we need to change how our culture views guns.  The cultural change is going to be a longer term effort, but there are some sensible things we can do with the laws.

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Guns: Responsible Regulations and Culture

Back in the early eighties, a group of us on our way to a local bar happened to pass a gun shop.  There in the window display was an AR-15, with a price tag of around $500.  It caught our eye, and the price attracted a lot of comment along the lines of “that much?”   Later on over drinks, the discussion wound around to why anyone would want to buy that rifle.  Various uses were brought up, but quickly dismissed.  Not so much because it couldn’t be used for those, but because another rifle or shotgun would do the job much better and cheaper.  The consensus was that it was a vanity purchase.   Were we “anti-gun fanatics?”  No, it was because we knew that rifle intimately.  We were all in the Army.

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I’m Sick And Tired Of Guns

Almost two years ago, after Representative Giffords was shot, I wrote an article about the reactions by the “gun rights” advocates.  Their solution always seems to be “more guns.”  Since then, we’ve seen more mass shootings, including 7 this year.   Every time, the gun rights advocates pull out the “if only” card, and try to use that to block sensible discussion about guns, gun control, and reducing gun violence.  Yesterday, we had the 7’th shooting incident, a horrific one that cost the lives of twenty young children in an elementary school.   Today, we have the “gun rights” idiots in full voice with their solution… more guns.   They have a fantasy, you see.

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Revisiting Some Subjects

It’s the beginning of a new week, and I thought I’d revisit  – and add some updates – on some of the things I’ve been writing about here.

It's Monday

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Weekend Musing

Here’s a satellite view of one of the most densely populated areas of the country.    It has a population density of 27,532 people per square mile.   In contrast, here’s a satellite view of one of the least densely populated areas.  It has a population density of around 3 people per square mile. The first is racially and ethnically diverse, and strongly Democratic, the latter is racially and ethnically homogeneous, and strongly Republican. The interesting thing? They’re both part of the same state.

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