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Thinking About Guns… Again.

There’s a story I’ve often told about a bar discussion a group of us, all of us in the Army, had back in the early 80’s. On our way to the bar, we passed a gun shop, and in the window was an AR-15, which led to a discussion. What I haven’t said before was why we spent the time discussing it. The reason? Quite simply, none of us could believe that it was for sale to civilians. If you had told us back then that it, and rifles like it, would become the most popular guns on the market, we’d have thought you were nuts.

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If You Forget History, Remedial Lessons Will Be Given

Over a year ago, I talked about the Clean Water Act, and then again about why regulations came into being.  In my post about the Clean Water Act, I said the following:

The same arguments that were trotted out in 1967 are in vogue today.  It’s “too expensive,”and  “too burdensome.”   It’s short-term thinking, and it’s sad.  There was a time when both parties said “enough!,” and thought that rivers shouldn’t catch on fire.  They had the will to do it, and it worked. Maybe it worked too well.  Maybe if they could still smell the rivers,  their constituents were getting sick with water-borne diseases, and they could watch fires on water, they’d realize that there was a problem.

In just the past few months, there have been a number of incidents which have, again, brought up the need for regulation and enforcement.   Besides the chemical spill by the ironically named “Freedom Industries,” West Virginia also had a massive coal slurry spill into the rivers from a company called “Patriot Coal.”  In North Carolina, a coal ash spill has contaminated the Dan River, which provides drinking water to two states.

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