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Wandering The Woods

Most of my summer is spent outdoors, and occasionally I remember to bring a camera with me. Here are some of the things I found interesting. This is in early spring, a place called “Buttermilk Falls.”
Buttermilk Falls
It’s a popular destination, since it’s only a 100 yard hike in from the parking area.

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Sunday Fun Stuff

One of the aspects of my job during field season is to educate people, in particular stressing why it’s not a good thing to feed wild animals.   You’re not really doing them a favor, and it’s sometimes harmful.

I really should set a better example.

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Today is Thanksgiving, when we give thanks for what we have.  The turkey is in the oven,

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Just wandering around on a Friday

I was going to write a pithy, analytical evaluation of various political events today, but after several starts and stops, and partial drafts, I’ve decided to punt and just go with some pretty pictures and commentary on my area.   I’ve just returned from a visit down to the central part of New York, and the grass is green, trees are starting to leaf up, flowers are blooming, and it looks like “spring.”  Go 75 miles or more to the north, and things aren’t quite at that stage, so things aren’t quite as pretty as they will be.

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Miscellaneous Interesting Stuff

I have … eclectic … interests.  That means that I bounce around the Internet at times, and various things catch my attention.  Some are really amazing, some are interesting, some are funny, and some are just plain weird.   So, here’s a selection of various things that have tickled my fancy recently.

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