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We Don’t Need Regulations? Oh Really?

One of the constant statements you’ll hear from conservatives is how “regulations are stifling business and the economy.”   Obviously, if only we could do away with them, it would lead to a major economic boom!  It’s a line that draws sympathetic responses, because most of us have our own experiences with various regulations.  I know I do in my work.  A good part of my job is filling out various reporting forms required by various state and federal agencies.  I’m also required to follow quite a number of regulations, and I receive annual – or more – inspections from them, to insure that I’m doing it.

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Where Have I Heard That Before?

One of the advantages of age is that, if you have a functioning memory, listen to the sides of a battle over some issue or another, and realize that it’s virtually a repeat of a similar battle that took place long ago.   I’ve seen this in the battles over “digital piracy,” which remarkably resemble the same battles that took place over the introduction of cassette tapes and videotapes.  I’m seeing it now in the battle over the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Republicans forget history again: Why we need the EPA

One of the more disturbing things I’ve been seeing out of the new Congress, and in speeches at CPAC have been the assaults on environmental legislation.  Newt Gingrich said he wants to “eliminate the EPA.”  Darrell Issa blames it for “killing job creation.”   Yes, it’s apparent that they don’t like environmental rules.  After all, if they weren’t in place, like in the “good old days,” we’d have lots of manufacturing and energy jobs!   Of course, they really expect – or are paid to expect – that businesses will be careful without them!   Which shows that they have no sense of history, or are willfully ignoring it.   Those of us who live near former manufacturing centers have a different perspective on that.

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Random thoughts

Republicans need to to stop denying climate change.   It’s happening, whether you like it or not.  Even without that, it’s ridiculous that they are coming up with new ways to block investments in renewable and/or alternative energy sources.   Old news flash:  Oil is going to run out.  Not necessarily “all oil will be gone,”  but “no cheap oil.”   We’ve found almost all the stuff we can get out of the ground easily.  We are never going to find enough now to make us energy-independent.   We’ve known that since the 70’s.   If you’re willing to pay $20 to $30 a gallon to run your car, great.   No, coal won’t save us either.  Turns out it’s a pretty crappy fuel when you take into account all the other problems, like disposing of the ash, acid rain, and mercury deposition.

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Twisting in the wind

On several occasions in my life, I’ve been tasked to enforce various rules and regulations.  It isn’t always particularly fun, but it was a necessary aspect of the job.  The times when it was the most miserable aspect was when you didn’t get any backing from your superiors on it.    There is nothing like the experience of being told “this is important” and “we need to get this under control,” and then to have your superiors chew you out for actually doing it.

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