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A Future Thought For Republicans

One of the things about growing up in upstate New York is that you get to know a lot of Revolutionary War history, in particular the earliest battles of the war.  New York’s nickname, “the Empire State” is because at that time, it held “the keys to the empire.” This makes sense if you realize that in the 18’th century,  moving troops and supplies was a laborious task.  Roads were poor or non-existent, so progress overland was time-consuming and difficult.  To move heavy materials, troops, and other supplies quickly?  The quickest way was by water.  Look at a map of New York, and you have Lake Champlain and the Hudson River running North-South.  From Albany, you have the Mohawk River running East-West.  On the northern end of the state, you have the Saint Lawrence river, leading into Lake Ontario.   If you were the British, and wanted to split the colonies, those routes were the key to splitting and breaking the Revolution.

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You Think You’re A “Real American?”

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a lot of actions by the Trump Administration and its supporters seeking to ban various groups from immigrating, attacks on refugees, numerous bigoted statements, and a host of attempts to demonize various ethnic or religious groups who meet their definition of “undesirable.” The definitions they’ll use are often rather fuzzy, but if you use “not white” or “not Christian,” you’d be on the money.

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75 Years of … Spam

As I was getting ready to fix breakfast this morning, I noticed something on a can in my cupboard


Yes, this year, Spam has been around for 75 years.

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