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Hope You Saved The Money

I was recently reading a very good series on West Virginia over at Al Jazeera.  It’s the thing that you used to see from our media, but no longer.  It’s a rather disturbing picture of what happens when an area is almost totally dependent on one industry, and one that is an “extractive industry:”  Coal.   The reports focus on one county, McDowell,  which in the past was one of the major producers of coal.  Today?  Well, it’s not a very nice place.  But there’s some lessons in there as well.

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Friday – It’s Been A Long Week (Updated)

I just did a quick check of the news, and there’s been another shooting incident.   This one is particularly horrific, it was in an elementary school in Connecticut.  There’s still a lot of things to clear up, but I’m getting sick and tired of hearing of these.   What makes it worse is that I know, within a few days, that Wayne LaPierre is going to issue a statement out of NRA headquarters that will be just as stupid as his other ones.  Update:  20 children dead, 6 adults, and the shooter.  Other updates at the end of the post.

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