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A Set Of Old Patched Genes

In a previous post, I said that one of my interests was paleontology.  In particular, one of the things I keep an eye on is fossil finds relating to early humans and human ancestors.  Over the past 25 years, there have been a number of finds, helping fill in the “family tree,” answering some questions, and posing new ones.   In addition to fossils, new technologies are being used.  Back in the  late 80’s, the Human Genome Project was proposed, and finally started.  It was expected to take at least 15 years.  Jumps in technology sped that process up, and it only took 10.  In the time since,  the technology sped up even more, and now genomic sequencing is “normal” – so much so that one journalist calls the reaction to a new genome being published “YAG – Yet Another Genome.”

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