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The Problem With Disaster Preparedness

Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy has a post about “A Sleeping Giant.”    A little history first.  Back in A.D. 79, there was a city called Pompeii.  It’s rather famous, because it was buried by a volcanic eruption, by a volcano called Vesuvius.

Since 79 AD, the volcano has also erupted repeatedly, in 172, 203, 222, possibly 303, 379, 472, 512, 536, 685, 787, around 860, around 900, 968, 991, 999, 1006, 1037, 1049, around 1073, 1139, 1150, and there may have been eruptions in 1270, 1347, and 1500.  The volcano erupted again in 1631, six times in the 18th century, eight times in the 19th century (notably in 1872), and in 1906, 1929, and 1944. There has been no eruption since 1944

Obviously, not a place people would really want to live in, and definitely would never consider building major cities near, right?  Think again.

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