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My Heart Isn’t Bleeding

Reading through the news over the past month, I’ve seen a lot of stories about worried people.  Texas ranchers are facing difficulty in getting loans, farmers in the South and California are wondering if they’re going to be able to harvest their crops, thousands of people in coal country are worried about losing their health insurance, and farmers in the plains are concerned about losing export markets.  Yes, they’re facing real problems, and they’re not happy.  But here’s the thing:  They all voted for Donald Trump and for Republicans for Congress.

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The Complexity Factor

In my previous post, I talked about the fact that no software package has ever been released “glitch free.”  The bigger the project, the more likely there are to be glitches.   One of the factors that was pointed out to me (and has been in the news) is the complexity of the system.   Healthcare.gov has to coordinate information from numerous systems, as both in sending it and receiving it.  In fact, most of the problems seem be related to the “data hub”, which is the main interface handling this.  It’s job is (approximately) to take data from the web site, query other systems to verify things, then send it on to the various exchanges or state agencies to get an answer from them about pricing, and then back to the customer.  Sounds simple?  It isn’t.  Leaving aside the reports of … ineptitude … on the part of the contractor responsible, it’s an epicenter for glitches to happen.

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