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Regulations: The Conversation I’d Prefer To Have

One of the subjects I’ve devoted some time to here over the past few years has been the subject of regulations.    As I pointed out earlier this year, there are reasons we have regulations.   Most often, those reasons are remembered when … they aren’t followed, enforced, or not there to begin with.   According to conservatives,  regulations are “unnecessary” and the “free market” will behave properly or correct itself if left alone, all evidence from the past and present to the contrary.

One problems I have with conservatives is that they’ve turned the debate into defending the need for them in the first place.  I’d rather have a much different conversation.

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A Little Heads Up

If you look at the Archives “posting history” here, you’ll notice that the number of posts I produce sinks like a stone from May through September, and often into October.   The reason for that is that my professional life – i.e.; the stuff that I actually get paid to do – shifts into high gear during that time, and I’m often far away from computer access.

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Wandering The Woods

Most of my summer is spent outdoors, and occasionally I remember to bring a camera with me. Here are some of the things I found interesting. This is in early spring, a place called “Buttermilk Falls.”
Buttermilk Falls
It’s a popular destination, since it’s only a 100 yard hike in from the parking area.

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Humpday Happenings

It’s the first week back at work after Thanksgiving, and we’re half-way through it.  It’s always tough to come back after an extended period off, but, the bills have to be paid.

Even Coffee has its down sides

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Weekend Musing

Here’s a satellite view of one of the most densely populated areas of the country.    It has a population density of 27,532 people per square mile.   In contrast, here’s a satellite view of one of the least densely populated areas.  It has a population density of around 3 people per square mile. The first is racially and ethnically diverse, and strongly Democratic, the latter is racially and ethnically homogeneous, and strongly Republican. The interesting thing? They’re both part of the same state.

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