Some Administrivia

In addition to getting back into writing, I’ve been spending some time “under the hood” on the blog.  Most of the changes are not going to be visible, but they’re long overdue in some cases.  I’ve updated the “About” and “New Reader” pages, and changed the commenting period to 90 days.  I had taken it off entirely, but it turns out I was getting a large number of spam comments in the older ones.

The other change you may notice is on the right sidebar.  I’ve been spending some time going through my links, and changing things around.  Some of the blogs I used to link to are no longer active, so an “Inactive Blogs” category has been added.  These are blogs that I used to read and have some interesting posts on them, but stopped publishing new content.  In the other sections, I’ve removed a few, because they vanished entirely, or in a couple of cases, the domain names expired and someone else took them.  As an example, one former political blog is now a home decorating site.

One other thing to cover, which is not a change in the New Readers, since it’s been there from the beginning.   As I’ve gotten older, I find I have a lot less tolerance for fools.  That used to apply to the purity liberals who used to show up here, but over the years, it’s switched to the conservatives who show up every now and then.  Reasonable discussion is one thing, coming here and throwing aggressive bullshit is another.  The latter gets you a “Bye bye!” if I allowed you to comment in the first place.  That means I’ll block you, and it’s already happened.   So if anyone is wondering where their comment went, it went out with the garbage.


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