Dear Republicans: Allow Me To Introduce You To Someone

Back in 2013, I wrote this.  Unfortunately, this turns out to be needed again. Sadly.  Unfortunately, it seems like a new birther idiot has appeared, this time about Kamala Harris.

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One of the stories over the past few years has been the efforts of various Republicans to re-write citizenship laws outlawing “birthright citizenship” to the children born here to undocumented immigrants. The most recent attempt was in January of this year. Each of them has failed, which is why some have even discussed changing the Constitution. Why that? Because they don’t have a leg to stand on. I’d like to introduce them to someone.

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2 responses to “Dear Republicans: Allow Me To Introduce You To Someone

  1. dbtheonly

    So what exactly is the theory behind the Kamala Harris birtherism? Her parents hadn’t lived in the country 5 years before she was born(?) Does that make any sense at all?

    And are these the same guys who think Rafael Cruz’s Canadian birth & citizenship is not disqualifying?

    • They weren’t supposedly citizens at the time,and he’s claiming she was raised in Canada. The thing is, she was born in the US, and nothing else matters. It’s basically a replay of what Obama went through, and it was as bogus as this is. It comes down to “She’s black!