Never. Until Trump

In my end of year post,  I talked about the rather numbing speed with which news, and not good news, came pouring out about President Trump.  It made it rather tough to keep up, and it didn’t do much for my ability to blog about it.    In that post, I said this:

I’ve lived through every administration since Eisenhower.  I haven’t always liked who was President, and I can’t think of a single one whose policies or actions I’ve agreed with all the time.   There were some where I didn’t agree with most of their policies.  I’ve seen my fair share of scandals, and in case you didn’t guess, I was around for Watergate.  But here’s the thing.  In those 62 years, I’ve never seen the number, depth, and constant litany of lies and corrupt behavior I’ve seen from this President and his administration.

I’ve also read a lot of history, and I’ve had a lot of eye-openers happen to me over the years about Presidents of the past, that weren’t in the hagiographies you get in school.  It doesn’t mean I don’t think they didn’t accomplish great things in some cases, or were over their heads in other cases.  Some made terrible mistakes, some had messy personal lives, some had beliefs that today would be beyond the pale.  I can put that in the context of the times, and often balance it out with what they accomplished.  They were humans, in other words.   But never in my experience or studies is there anything to match the Trump Administration.

As I said, I’ve been through a number of Presidents.  At the end of 2018, President George H. W. Bush passed away.  In a comment on another blog, I said “I can usually come up with something nice to say about any former President, even if I didn’t think they were a good President.  Except for Trump.”   Even if I disagreed with their policies or abilities, it isn’t hard for me to come up with a law they passed, something they did while in office, or even talk about their personal qualities.   Never, until now.

I’ve been following the Mueller investigation, and what has come out so far, in convictions and indictments has been disturbing enough.  But here’s the kicker.  Friday, the New York Times reported that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into whether the President was working on behalf of the Russians against US interests.  This was followed on Saturday by a Washington Post report that the President refused to share notes from his meetings with Russian President Putin with his administration.  He confiscated his interpreter’s notes, and no other advisers were in the room.   In all the administrations I’ve lived through, and in all the histories I’ve read on past generations, there is one thing I have never ever thought about a President.  That they might be a traitor.   Never.  Until Trump.




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3 responses to “Never. Until Trump

  1. dbtheonly

    Hillary took Corporate PAC money!

    What about her e-mails?

    Really Norbrook, the only thing surprising is that so many are surprised.

    Trump’s actions, the narcissism, the veniailty, the bluster, the lies, all were on display before the election. All were the reasonably foreseeable results.

    • The only “surprise” for me was that the FBI had opened up a new counterintelligence investigation in 2017. The question I had was just how much the Russians actually controlled him. The newest question I have is just how much the Russians have on various Republican officials, since they all seem to be missing spines and having an issue remembering that oath they took, along with what’s in the Constitution.

      • dbtheonly

        How much are individual Republicans acting on Russian instruction/influence vs. acting to support the Beloved Leader? I’ve noticed the Wall has polled better after Trump made such a big thing of it.