Republican Voters – Remember? This is what you voted for

In a recent post, I was asked ” 63 million is a significant number of people. Do their needs and wants no longer matter?” and why I seem to lack sympathy for their predicaments.  We’re in yet another government shutdown, and the news is full of stories about the impacts.  Large number of government employees are either furloughed or working without pay.  Trash buildup in national parks, fishing fleets waiting to put to sea, infrastructure improvements held up, and the list goes on and on.  Add in the impacts of the trade war on farmers and technology, and it’s bad, alright.  So why do I often seem lacking in sympathy?

Mostly, it’s because I’ve lost my willingness to be sympathetic over the past decade.   It’s not because I don’t understand the changes and issues they face.  I live in an extremely rural, predominantly Republican area.  I’ve seen all the changes that have happened over the past decades.  I know better than most what issues and worries they have, and there are areas where I have the same concerns.   There was a time when I’d have been very sympathetic about what’s been happening to them over the past couple of years and now.  So why am I not being sympathetic towards them now?

I’d be sympathetic if none of this was predictable, if it was happening for the very first time.   But it was most definitely predictable, and it’s not the first time.   Trump made a big deal during the campaign out of pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Pact, and he did.  He made a promises to go after China and Mexico on trade.  Well, he did that and started a trade war.  But ranchers and farmers were depending on those export markets either opening up with the TPP or continuing to be open under existing agreements.  When your biggest customer is Mexico (corn) or China (soybeans, wheat, etc.), losing those markets will predictably result in major problems.  Which they were warned about.   But, they went ahead and voted for Trump, and according to most of the interviews, still support him.

Remember all the complaints about “big government spending?”  Republicans pushed through “the sequester” to cut spending, and 6 years ago, they screamed about the impact of  those cuts.   It turned out that they were a lot more dependent on government spending than they believed.  To top it all off, at the end of 2013, there was a shutdown, which again, disproportionately impacted them, just like it had when Republican’s shut down the government in the ’90’s.  So any threat of a shutdown should have sent up big warning flags when President Trump did it, and his telling everyone it was a good thing should have been met with strong rebuttals.  But apparently, a lot of them still support him.

Who was doing all these things to them?  Republicans.  Who actually cared about their issues, and had plans to address them?  Democrats.  But every time, they’ve voted for the Republicans.  They keep walking into the voting booth, and putting the people who have caused their pain into office.  Apparently, they don’t want to learn from the past, so if they keep doing it to themselves, I’m not going to be terribly sympathetic to their complaints.  You know who I do have sympathy for?  The 66 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton.  All the people who have walked into the voting booth and voted for the Democratic candidate for all the other offices at the state and national level, who hoped that the mess Republicans were creating would be fixed.  For them, I have a lot of sympathy.  For the ones who didn’t do that?  They got what they asked for, so they shouldn’t be complaining.



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  1. dbtheonly


    I understand and share your frustration with those who consistently vote Republican. I understand and share your stunned disbelief at Republican hypocrisy. You notice that ‘term limits” has raised its ugly head, again?

    But this isn’t about you, or me, or really even the Republicans. Its about how, or even if, America can survive.

    Lincoln said that a house divided against itself can not stand. Either it will become all one or all the other or it will fall apart. I do not equate Trumpism and slavery as issues; though the Trumpistas show the same devotion to their cause as the slavers. They also both share a stunning hypocrisy.
    Take Trump’s 40% approval rating and fit it to 350 million Americans & you have 140 million Trumpistas. Assume that same 40% applies to States and you’ve got 20 States that you do not care about reconciling.


    Do you accept Lincon’s postulate?
    Do you accept the math I’ve done?
    Are we really supposed to ignore/disenfranchise the irredeemable?

    Because if we are to so disenfranchise, we have done terminal damage to democracy in America. Because the disenfranchisement we use against others may someday be used against us. Someday, snort, the Republicans are trying to do it now.

    Do we fight disenfranchisement with more disenfranchisement?

    What then becomes of democracy and America?

    Can this divided house stand?

    • I am not suggesting “disenfranchisement.” Although I find it ironic that you’re worried about for them, when they are actively attempting to disenfranchise various minorities or even their own population when they lose power. What I’m saying is that I’ve no longer got a lot of sympathy for people who complain when they receive exactly what they voted for. Note, they asked for this. They may have thought they were “sticking it to the lib’s” and that the only people they were going to hurt were “them city people” (read, liberals, blacks, etc.). That’s despite multiple times that they’ve had object lessons to the contrary. Some apparently are starting to wake up to that, but there are still others that apparently enjoy the pain, or are unwilling to admit that they’re the cause of their own suffering.

      I should also point out that because of their choices – they’ve screwed themselves for a very long time. The TPP didn’t go away, just because Trump pulled the US out of it. The other countries went ahead and finished it up. As a result, lots of trade barriers between those countries are going to be going down in the next year. Add the trade war, and a lot of their markets will not return. In other words, countries that used to import US agricultural products have now found other sources, and the US will not be on their list of preferred (or reliable) suppliers. When you’re talking manufacturing, a number of businesses are looking at relocating … to Mexico. Because the parts they need come from China.

      There’s a sardonic saying: “I can’t believe the leopard ate my face!” sobbed the woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.
      As I said, I live in an area like that, and I get to hear that crap almost every day. So I’m just not in the mood to hear them complaining. If you’ve stuck your hand into the fire multiple times, you don’t get to complain that your burnt hand hurts.

      • dbtheonly

        I’m worried about them because they are Americans as well.

        Sympathy? Sure I’ve got sympathy. Use it as a teaching moment. “Why do you think this is happening?” Sympathy costs us nothing and if it eases a little pain in the world, well worth the effort.

        “Everyman’s death diminishes me….” Their pain impacts us. and if they, in pain and frustration, voted for Trump grievously do we all answer.

        I can not condemn the efforts of the Republicans to disenfranchise Democrats while applauding those efforts used against them.

        But back to Lincoln. Can this divided house stand? If not, what are your plans for fixing it?

        • The problem is that “teaching moments” assumes they’re willing to learn. I do those a lot in my work, as in “OK, you screwed up. What did you learn, how are you going to fix it, and how are you going to keep it from happening again?” Since their problems were foreseen, were preventable, and had happened before, I can only assume they didn’t learn from the multiple teaching moments over the past 8 years. Either they’re so locked into their beliefs that nothing is going to change, or they’re relying on the Democratic Party’s willingness to keep them from suffering the consequences, doesn’t matter. It’s up to them to fix the mess they’ve created, and I’m not going to waste sympathy that they got themselves into their mess – again.

          • dbtheonly


            I feel we’re going around in circles.

            What exactly does your “lack of sympathy” entail? What steps, if any, do you propose to keep Trump voters from continuing to vote Trump?

            To my mind, having 40%+ of Americans being “Trump Voters” leaves far too little room to insure that “Trump” loses each & every election.

            I see only two options. Prevent “Trump Voters” from voting or convince them not to vote “Trump”. I reject the first option. That leaves only #2, convince them. And I know of no way to convince someone of anything without sympathy with them.

            Where do we disagree?

            • Some of what will change some Trump voters’ minds is Trump himself. As in, his policies, which they thought would hurt “other people” are actually hurting them. The People’s View has a good summary on that.

              One of my points is that in many ways, these people have relied on sympathy. In other words, they rely on Democrats, and in particular, liberals, feeling sorry for them and bailing them out, without letting them suffer the consequences of their choices. It’s like spoiling children, and in the end, it doesn’t work to change their behavior.

              • dbtheonly

                Excellent! Trump himself will change some Trump Voters.

                But how? With they Zen? Use the Force? Or will someone have to help them see the linkage between Trump’s actions and their own distress?

                And if someone is to help them; what approach?

                “They’re paying a pittance for my soybeans”:

                Without sympathy: Sucks to be you.
                With sympathy: Dang, that’s harsh. Why do you think they’re not paying as much? Chinese not buying as much? Why’s that?

    • meteorofpoo

      no walls around the vatican, eh?

      I guess this tourist attraction is in France. LOL! dude, you’re fail in so many ways.
      and it’s demoRAT party.the party of slavery. the party of jim crow.
      the party that will have socialism as a form of government.

      walls work.
      the idea that they don’t is laughable, especially against 3rd world people who are carrying the clothes on their back and bales of drugs.
      if they DON’T work, it proves we need MORE than a wall and our borders STILL aren’t secure. if they didn’t work, democrats wouldn’t care if they were built or not.
      lets face it. the DNC is long past having principles.

      on another note, Ginsburg missed a day of work. she’s slipping away and soon, you can enjoy watching Amy Barrett Coney do her job.
      that’s what we voted for.
      and the shut down? yep. we voted for that.
      we will have a wall, secure borders and a sovereign nation.
      Democrats have decided that since they will import the majority voters that they need to win elections, they don’t want a wall.

      between that and absentee ballots that keep being “found” (in 14 elections, democrats “FOUND” enough ballots to swing the elections to them. ZERO ballots were found to win elections for republicans)

      I will say that any time you feel disenfranchised, by all means, you can vote from the rooftops.
      that’s the way the founders set this up.
      if your political voice is marginalized, you can alway use a rifle. Go ahead son. pick it up.

      if you have the stomach for that.

      • Try looking at Google maps and street view for the “wall around the vatican.” It isn’t contiguous, and what’s there has never in its history kept people (or even invading armies) out. But keep spouting that bullshit. The “found” ballots were properly marked and dated absentee ballots which were found in a post office which had been closed by the police, and could not be accessed. I suppose you are going to blithely wave aside the North Carolina actual fraud? Of course you are.

        Hmm… do I have the stomach to pick up a rifle? Got news for you. I had 12 years in the Army. I was even a drill sergeant. I can, without a scope, hit center body mass on a silhouette target at 300 meters 9 out of 10 times. Unlike assholes like you, I know what it’s like to get shot at. I was also a pretty good hunter. Say goodbye!

        • dbtheonly

          You know, with the increase of mail ballots; we’re really going to have to give up on the idea of election night returns. It’s been a staple for as long as I can remember, staying up way past my bed time for election returns. Just ain’t happening anymore.

          I almost understand “poo’s” distress. He’s not used to vote counting taking a while. He’s not used to mail ballots taking days to arrive.

          Just as we weren’t ready for the fraud in NC-9

          • The truly pathetic thing about “poo’s” comment was it wasn’t “14 elections,” the “found” ballots were in Florida, in a post office which had been locked off because – it was the one used to mail bombs. By a Trump supporter.

  2. Very well expressed, Norbrook. It doesn’t mean we stop making life better for everyone. It doesn’t mean we stop trying to solve their problems. But we don’t have to have sympathy when the consequences of their poor decisions hit That’s how it works in real life. I see the same thing to a lesser degree on the far left. They were told what the consequences were when they had the choice to vote for a person they had been trained to dislike and a monster. They aren’t happy with the results and continue to blame us.