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A few years back, I said that there wasn’t much difference between the KKK and the Republican Party.  I took some flack about that in the comments from the conservative who used to appear here.  Back then, it was just my sensitivity to the various dog whistles that were being used.  These days?  It’s now open.  The only difference is that they’re not wearing hoods and burning crosses.

Nancy Pelosi is going to be the Speaker of the House.  The ”insurrection” will end up being much ado about nothing.  Good for the conservative media, but that’s about it.   I’m realistic.  There is no other member of the House that does what she does, and did in her previous term as Speaker.  She could round up 218 votes; and if they weren’t there, she’d work until she had a bill that would get them. You never saw the number of defeats that Boehner and Ryan had during their times. Down the line, I’d hope that when she decides to step aside, we have candidates like her to take over. Anyone who is ambitious should be taking master classes from her.

I don’t know who the Democratic Party’s nominee for President will be in 2020.  I’m not even really paying attention at the moment to any of the various names the media is floating.  I’m sure we’ll see some announcements being made next year, and I’m sure one of them will be the nominee.  The one thing I am sure of?  That the nominee won’t be named Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

I think the media should stop paying attention to the various farmers and ranchers who are in deep trouble because of the trade war Trump has started with China.   In virtually every interview, you learn that they voted for Trump and still support him.  So, they’re getting exactly what they voted for.   So my heart isn’t bleeding, and I’m tired of their whining.



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  1. Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

  2. dbtheonly

    “I think the media should stop paying attention to the various farmers and ranchers who are in deep trouble because of the trade war Trump has started with China. In virtually every interview, you learn that they voted for Trump and still support him.”


    Some 63 million Americans voted fro Trump. That’s a fact. The causes are debatable but the result is not. They were hurting and still are hurting. Yet, you’d dismiss them as whiners.

    First what damage does your attitude do to America? 63 million is a significant number of people. Do their needs and wants no longer matter?

    What damage does your attitude do the electoral strategy of the Democratic Party? Are up to 30 States to be written off?

    What damage does your attitude to the Constitution? If the Democrats write off 30 states; the Senate is forever Republican. No Judges ever will be confirmed for a Democratic President. Some have urged abolishing the Electoral College without noticing that the concept of the College also underlies the Senate. The most radical “Democratic Socialists” have urged abolishing the Senate. Do you concur?

    What damage does your attitude do to the very concept of participatory democracy? 63 million voters are to be denied(?) their say in the governance of the Country(?)

    • Ah, the “economic anxiety” argument. It’s crap. More people voted for Hillary Clinton. I recognize that as a liberal, I should feel sorry for these people, but they weren’t “hurting” when they voted this way, for the most part. They voted that way because of their misogyny and bigotry. Trump ran a campaign on that, and was pretty clear that he was going to trash all the trade treaties, as well as “close the border.” That it would damage our economy, as many economists pointed out at the time, was something they didn’t seem to want to acknowledge. The idea that other countries might actually retaliate also escaped them.

      All of this was predictable before the election. Now, I know a number of 2016 Trump voters who deeply regret their choice, and wish they could go back and change it. However, I also know a number who are still huge supporters. I am sick and tired of listening to them, and the same thing about these farmers and ranchers. The reason they were profitable was because of export markets, and they voted to torch those. A good many of them relied on immigrant labor and they voted to shut down immigration. To listen to them complain about getting what they voted for, and then say they still support that – and not change their voting behavior – does not make me in the least sympathetic to their complaints. They’re always saying other people should pay a price, well, they need to pay it themselves.

      • dbtheonly

        I understand you’re sick of listening to them. We can debate whether Trump spelled out his economic policies or merely spouted any number of slogans upon which individuals could hang their own interpertations.

        The point is that you’re dismissing the wants/needs/concerns of up to 63 million Americans. Think of the ramifications of your attitude. Compare the attitude of the Republicans who crammed through any number of programs/policies/Supreme Court Justices because they had the votes.

        Is that the America you want?

        • I think you don’t understand that their needs are separate from their voting behavior. The myth is that they voted for Trump, and other Republicans because they were “economically anxious.” The polling shows that they voted that way more because they were bigoted, and they’ve been doing it for years. They’ve been told for a long time that they should be afraid, and that it’s not their fault that they’re suffering. Well, it turns out that they keep electing people who make sure they continue to suffer. Their opinion of themselves is that they are self-sufficient, strong, resilient “Real Americans,” objective evidence to the contrary. They’re suffering? Then they should suffer in silence like they ask everyone else to do.

          • dbtheonly

            I’m not making myself clear.

            What if you’re right? 63 million Americans are racists/bigots/whatever? They vote for Trump to express their frustration with the rising tide of Colour.

            Then what?

            What becomes of America then?

      • Having their feelings (racism, victimhood) validated by Trump/GOP words and attention is worth the price to them, I guess. They don’t like the results but refuse to reexamine their beliefs/actions that led to it. They are happier feeling victimized by others (like ‘liberals’, ‘Democrats’, ‘immigrants’, ‘black people’, ‘urbanites’). It relieves a lot of pressure if nothing is your fault.

    • They’ve been given a lot of attention by both parties. Democrats have shown them the policies that WILL help them. The problem is their voting is based on racism and Democrats have no way to address that (thank goodness) because it would betray their own values. The GOP is willing to enable and encourage that. In that arena, we can’t compete.