It’s been a while

As anyone who has read my blog over the years knows, my production level drops off during the summer.  This year, my production dropped to zero as my work went “off the charts,” so to speak.  It’s not that I didn’t follow the news, and comment on other sites, but even there my appearances were spotty.

What happened was that this year turned out to be a major turnover year, particularly at the supervisor levels.  Two of my fellow field supervisors left at the beginning of the year, which opened up their positions.  A week before I was supposed to head back out to the field, I got a call … one of the other supervisors had just resigned, and I was asked to accept the position.  So, I ended up with a promotion and transfer, and to top it all off, yet another supervisor accepted another position.  A new area boss, turnover in headquarters, my direct supervisor retiring and their replacement starting two months later. Neither the area or our group supervisor had been field supervisors, so there were a lot of … bumps.   Add in budget issues, infrastructure problems, and staff shortages, and well, blogging went out the window.

I am hoping to get back into blogging, since I haven’t been lacking in opinions.   In the interim, I’ll be looking at doing some administrative things here, fixing up some formats and links.   One thing I did find is that Photobucket has relented on their linking, although to add new photos or embeds has been disabled unless you’re paying for it.  However, my “lolpic” posts are now back with their pictures, albeit with a watermark on the pictures.  Another administrative change is that I’m taking off the time limit, at least for now.  When I was blogging regularly, I set a 10 day limit for comments.  I don’t see the need for that at the moment, but if I start getting a lot of spam or “idiot” comments on older posts, I might decided to reinstate it.



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2 responses to “It’s been a while

  1. dbtheonly

    Very glad to have you back.

    Over several years, I have enjoyed our discussions and appreciate the efforts you put into this.

    If you are posting on other sites; I’d be glad to follow. But those with multi thousand posts tenn to lose me.

  2. So glad you’re reappearing. I’ve missed your feet-on-the-ground perspective and solid understanding of how politics and government work. “I haven’t been lacking in opinions. ” Chuckle-worthy.