Seriously? Stable Genius?

Over the course of my life I’ve had the experience of meeting and working with people who were by any measure, geniuses.  A couple of Nobel prize winners, a surgeon who pioneered the science and techniques for heart and lung transplants, and people who were the world experts in their field.    Ask them about what they were doing, and even if you’re fairly smart, the odds are you’ll be three steps behind them.   But you know the one thing I never, ever, heard from them?  How smart they were, or what their IQ was.

On the other hand, I’ve also had the experience of meeting a lot of people who couldn’t wait to tell me their IQ scores, that they were members of MENSA, and ever so much more intelligent than anyone else.  They were “geniuses,” after all.   The reality was that they never seemed to be … very smart.  They may have done well on a test, but in terms of actual accomplishments demonstrating their supposed intelligence, there weren’t any.

There’s a new book out on President Trump, “Fire and Fury,” and to say it doesn’t paint a flattering picture of the President or his staff is an understatement.   In response, the President decided to take to his favorite medium, and declare that he was a “stable genius.”  Aside from the jaw-dropping response, it didn’t help his cause at all.

As I said at the beginning, I’ve met real geniuses, and those who claim to be geniuses.  The difference between them is that the real geniuses never felt it necessary to tell everyone they were.  It was quickly obvious once you started to listen to them, and their accomplishments spoke for themselves.  It wasn’t obvious at all with the ones who kept telling me how brilliant they were, and what their IQ was.

The past year has demonstrated that “Stable” and “President Trump” is an oxymoron.  Between his public actions, his tweets, and his statements, it’s been a whirlwind of contradictions.  In terms of intelligence? Well, given his complete lack of interest in learning the job, or inability to learn it, as well as understanding policy, foreign affairs, and the limits of his office, I’d have to say he’s not very bright.

He may think he’s a stable genius, but the fact that he felt he had to tell everyone?  That’s an indicator he’s not.  You see, you show that you are, you don’t say that you are.  So far this past year?  He hasn’t shown it, and that tweet just demonstrates that he isn’t.


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  1. Dbtheonly

    Trump claims to be smart, really smart.

    It just fits the pattern. All of Trump is image without substance. His persona. His vast wealth. Even his political programs. Images, nothing more. “Build the Wall”. Was it ever a practical achievable goal? Or is it just a slogan, an image?

    So too stability. Stability is found in having a goal and pursuing it. Trump has no goals beyond opposing anything President Obama did.