Things Republicans Should Stop Telling Me

It’s been a hectic year for me personally and professionally, and as a result my blogging went down the tubes.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t following the news, or didn’t have an opinion, because I most certainly did.   As a result of that, I have a list of things I’d like Republicans and conservative groups to stop telling me.

If you’re an evangelical Republican, you should stop telling me about  morality, values, and your desire for a nation which follows the Bible.  Why?  Because you don’t practice any of that yourself.  Those of us who have actually read the Bible have known for a long time that your “Christian Values” were based on a hop and skip through the Bible to find verses – or parts of verses – to justify your own prejudices and beliefs.  You’ve been big on quoting Leviticus about gays, while totally ignoring the verses about welcoming foreigners into your land.  You also seem to have forgotten that there exists the Gospel of Mark, with its entire list of things you’re supposed to do.  I say that because you’re  not doing them, but you are doing the things it says not to do.   But over the past 18 months, you and leaders have made that clear to the nation.  You backed, and continue to do so, a candidate who has almost never set foot in a church, lies continuously, been married three times, cheated on his first wife and probably his second, had multiple sexual partners outside of marriage, and apparently shows no signs of remorse or repentance.  Exactly the sort of person you’ve been railing about to the rest of us for the past few decades.   Then you went and doubled down by backing Roy Moore for the Senate.  A man credibly accused of assaulting teen girls, which no, was not “normal” or “accepted” even back then.  I’m old, so I can speak from direct knowledge of that time.

Stop telling me you’re concerned about the deficit and the national debt.  Just before Christmas, your party passed a tax bill which will increase the deficit and national debt over a trillion dollars over the next decade.  Virtually every Republican in Congress voted for it, and now are busily patting themselves on the back about it.  This has been your pattern for years.  Reagan ran complaining about the terrible deficit Jimmy Carter ran, and then once in office, proceeded to run even larger ones, tripling the national debt.  George W. Bush took office when we had a balanced budget, cut taxes, and promptly started running enormous deficits.   That’s in addition to your continued clinging to supply side economics, which hasn’t worked no matter how many times try it.

Stop telling me you’re “patriots.”  No, really, just stop.  It was always a bogus means to shut down dissent, and if this past year proved anything, it’s that you don’t mean it.   We were told a foreign government was trying to hack our election systems, along with using propaganda and money to influence our elections.  That should have triggered not just serious investigations, but also strong efforts to secure our election systems, countermeasures and laws to prevent it from happening again.  That’s what patriots would do.  Instead, you’ve been busily trying to shut down any investigations, maligning investigators, and denying that it happened, or if you do admit it, deny that it matters.  You’ve stood by silently, or even worse, chimed in, when your party’s President treats the Constitution like an inconvenient piece of paper.  Assaults on the First Amendment, outright flaunting of numerous clauses, and attempting to circumvent protections granted by it are now commonplace.

That’s the beginning of what I’d like you to stop telling me.   You see, I have scant patience for blatant lying and hypocrisy.  The Republican Party has been running its mouth for years now on these subjects, and the truth is they mean none of it.   Governing, paying attention to the rules and principles they say they’re for?  No, what they are for is a rather sociopathic need for power.   I don’t  have any desire to listen to their “beliefs,” and I want them to stop telling me, because they don’t mean it.



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7 responses to “Things Republicans Should Stop Telling Me

  1. dbtheonly

    I hope it’s been a hectic good year for you. If not, please tell me what I can do to help.

    You’ve been missed.

    Did you see where Paul Ryan is going to start talking deficits again next year? This time complaining that Social Security and Medicare cost too much.

    What surprises me is not the rank Republican hypocrisy but that they can get so many people to believe their blather.

    • The hectic has been good, for the most part. A couple of family weddings, and so on. From the work standpoint, some extra money got dropped on us at the last minute, so a number items on our long-standing wish list had to be prioritized and underway or finished before winter set in.

      • These are my fervent wishes too. You express then Shi clearly and concisely. I tend to rage-banks when I start. I’m glad to see you back again. You’re one of my top blog favorites. Congratulations on the extra money!

        • Thanks. 🙂 The money was literally a last minute thing. We’d already closed up field operations, were on our way out to finish the final locking up and bringing the last items in when I got a call asking if we had any projects, since money had just become available. While inconvenient, it did mean that a lot of “want to do’s” became “done,” although being out in the field in late November is not something I look forward to. 😉

  2. sjterrid

    Happy New Year! Glad that everything is okay.
    I had to take a break myself last year.

  3. Clifton Sleigh

    Amazing work, dude-this needs to be said, and it needs to be spread far and wide, with reposts in a lot of places.