Goodbye, Triciawyse

Today,  I got the news that triciawyse had passed away yesterday.   For those who didn’t know her, she was also known as “The Pootie Queen,” the founder of the “Pootie and Woozle Community,”  at Daily Kos.   If you’ve ever read one my “picture posts” where I use meme pictures to make my point, I learned that there.  She was one of the reasons I stayed on Kos as long as I did.  The PW community was the place you went to take a break from the pie fights, a place where politics were set aside for a while, a chance to smile, laugh, and share our love of animals.  When things got a little too intense over there, I jumped at the chance to offer her a slot here, and she remains the only other author on this site.   Although I never met her in person, we had a long set of e-mail exchanges, and yes, she was just as nice as her diaries.   I had heard that she was ill, but no one knew how serious it was.

Today, there is mourning in many places around the internet, and I have lost a friend.   She made us laugh, gave us an overdose of cute, and put aside our differences for a little while to indulge in humor and a sense of community.    She has left us for a better place, and hopefully one with plenty of her beloved cats.

She made a piece of the world a better place, and she will always be missed by her legion of friends.   Farewell, TW, the world is a lot drearier today because you are gone.




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3 responses to “Goodbye, Triciawyse

  1. sjterrid

    I was so saddened when I read that she died last night in one of the comments on Spandan’s blog. Like you, I knew she was ill, but I had no idea how serious. Yes she will be missed. May she RIP.

  2. Love you, Norbrook. Thanks for this.

  3. Thanks, Norbrook. You rock!