The Seven Year Itch

Five years ago today, I registered this blog with WordPress.  At the time, I was a regular diarist over at Daily Kos, had a number of them make the Recommended List over the two years there, and had all the perks that went along with that.   While I was growing disenchanted with the direction of the site, I had no plans to leave.  So why did I make this blog?  Well, a lot of what I wanted to write about wasn’t really political or suitable to that site.  A little over a month later, things changed rather abruptly, and I decided to move myself entirely here.   So, what’s with the title?

The reason for it is that I’m well into my seventh year as a blogger.  It’s also been the least “productive” in terms of number of posts, as the readers of this blog can attest.  There are a number of reasons for that, personal and professional.   Professionally, this year has been more time-consuming than usual.  Personnel changes, budget cuts, staffing cuts, and so on, ended up with my spending much more time and energy getting things done than I’d planned on at the beginning of the year.  Along with things like trying to have “a life,” I had other priorities than blogging.  That doesn’t mean I lacked ideas, just the time and willingness to sit down and crank out a blog post.

The seven year itch also refers to pattern I have.  Professionally, I seem to have changed jobs or field about every 7 years.  Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not.   26 years ago, I was asked to become a regular columnist at a magazine.  It was a real honor, since this magazine was the oldest in the field and had a Who’s Who of people writing for it.  Around four years in, I began to feel I was getting a little “stale.”  It was tougher to come up with an idea, and I was revisiting some old subjects.  I needed a break, but the new publisher talked me into continuing for a while.  After another year, I handed in my resignation, and wrote a farewell column.  That lasted … two months.  Certain events in the field pulled me back into it on a semi-regular basis, and it was two years later that my “finally final”  column appeared.  Notice something?  It’s pretty much the same thing here.  A few “I’m on hiatus” posts, and even a “hey, I’m done now” post which lasted … about two months.

Does that mean that this is the end?  No, because that hasn’t exactly worked out for me.  I’m still politically involved, I pay attention to the news,  I’m opinionated,  and I’m not very shy about letting people know my opinion.  However, what it does mean is that what you saw this year in terms of “intermittent” is going to continue for a while.  Given the new Congress coming in next year, the probable kick-off of the presidential primary season later on in the year, and the guarantee of something really annoying happening, I’m sure that I’ll have enough instances that make me sit down and crank out a blog post or three.  I just won’t guarantee when that will happen, or how often.   The only thing I will guarantee is that I’ll still pop up now and then.  Thanks for reading!



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6 responses to “The Seven Year Itch

  1. Intermittent is just fine with me. I’m more interested in good thinking and apposite commentary/analysis than I am in regularity or frequency. So glad you’re still around these parts, Norbrook. See you anon.

  2. I completely empathize. After nearly five years of blogging I find my material becoming redundant. It must be a condition of writing so frequently and thus I agree with your premise that our need to communicate our views with others must wind down to a level that doesn’t make us totally dispensable.

    • The problem with writing about politics is that the same situations tend to crop up on a regular basis, and often with the same players. I’ve had more than a few times where I’ve had “an idea” for a post, only to realize that “gee, I wrote that 3 years ago.” I could get lazy, and just hit the “reblog this” button I guess.

  3. aquagranny911

    Hola Norbrook! Long time, no read. I’ve been a bit busy myself with RL and dumb stuff like GOTV so I can understand your position. I can’t promise to always check for a diary here at your blog because I have my own things perking away on the stove of life but I hope you know that I do hold you in my highest regard.

    I will try to check in now & them just to be sure you are okay.
    I like you.

    Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo. That means “Happy Holidays” & be well, Chico.

  4. Hola, cendax!. I’ve almost forgotten about this blog but have always enjoyed reading what you wrote. One thing I know about blogging, is that it’s worth it even for just being able to communicate with a wider and more attentive audience than long-suffering relatives and friends.