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Bob Cesca has a great post up about the right-wing politicians and pundits, and their relation to Las Vegas shootings and the Atlanta courthouse shooting.

Did they really believe they could talk like this for so long and at such an urgent fever-pitch, encouraging armed revolution and Second Amendment solutions, and believe that no one would act upon the nonstop join-or-die hype? It’s not just Alex Jones, either. We’re also told by our elected leaders — those we’ve tasked with passing laws and safeguarding our liberty — that we should take up arms against domestic enemies.

To judge by their scramble to paint the shooters as “socialists” and to point the finger anywhere else but at themselves, the answer is “Yes, yes they did believe that.”

While the Millers and others weren’t terribly sane, the fact of the matter is that incidents like this happening were only a matter of when, not if.   Yes, it was – and is – fueled by the talk radio and right-wing media.   The right-wing politicians and pundits are saying things they know will draw attention to themselves,  leading to ratings and money in the coffers.  But they don’t actually think it’s anything but that,  it’s “just talk.”  They’ve lost – or never had -the ability  to realize that there are those who will take them seriously.   Hence their denial of responsibility, since it would be too hard to accept that they’re just as responsible.

In tonight’s news was something that caused me to laugh.  Schadenfreude to the max.  Eric Cantor lost his primary.  To a Tea Party Republican challenger.

In a phone interview with CNN on Monday, Brat argued that Cantor was more attentive to donors in New York and California and big business groups than he is to enacting an agenda based on Republican ideals.

“While he’s got an eye on the speaker job, he’s turned his back on his constituents,” Brat said.

He noted that Cantor and other GOP leaders have dropped their free market principles and not done enough to address looming deficit problems.

Considering that Cantor has been one of the biggest panderers to the Tea Party, even to the extent of blocking simple, routine legislation because of that, along with inserting knives into the back of various “less than pure” Republicans, it’s funny as hell that he lost because he wasn’t “conservative enough.”   There’s a lesson from this which the Republicans will, of course, totally miss.  That is, by going to an extreme, by setting up “purity tests,” they forgot that there’s always going to be those who claim that they aren’t “pure enough.”  That the majority of people don’t agree with their standard of purity, or that compromise is a something necessary to governing is not relevant.  The end result is going to be that the Republican Party will continue to spiral into becoming a very small, mostly regional party, with regular intramural battles over who is “pure.”   Good for the Democratic Party, not so good for the country.  But in the meantime, I’ve still got a smile on my face.  It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.



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4 responses to “Miscellaneous Thoughts On Recent News

  1. see above

    Sadly, I remeber a time when these folks would have been ignored now they get covered by the 24 news cycle without any criticism or else with the “both sides do it meme”. When is the last time anyone with liberal leanings committed mass murder?
    Karma can be a b***h

    • Oh, I’m absolutely sure that if you look at the right wing sites now, you’ll find out that they were all “raging liberal socialists,” and probably voted for Obama. 😡 It’s just a false flag operation that they were regulars on the right wing groups and spouted all the right wing rhetoric. 🙄

  2. Fox

    I’m a way left guy who believes we need (at least) two functional parties to have functional government. Cantor was a terrible Republican. He went out of his way to have it “both ways” and I’m looking forward to following the ensuing election, even if it’s on the other side of the country.

    • Exactly. We need to functional parties, but also two that are based in reality. I miss the days when I used to be able to argue about the best methods to deal with a problem, instead of arguing whether or not the problem exists.

      Cantor wanted to be Speaker, and he was willing to do whatever it took to be next in line. That’s why he so often torpedoed deals that had been agreed to, along with backing such insanity as shutting down the government, sequesters, and failing to raise the debt limit. All in the name of positioning himself as the “purest of the pure.” 🙄