Still Around, and Still Opinionated

It’s been a while since I wrote a post here,  because work has been … intense … the past month and a half.  While starting work in the field during the summer always decreases my posting frequency, this year has been more problematic than others.  There’s a corollary to Murphy’s Law which says “Murphy was an optimist.”   That’s been the applicable statement  this year, as things that shouldn’t have “gone wrong” did, and things that were supposed to have been ready … weren’t.   Add in a new assistant to be trained, along with an unexpected budget cut meaning we couldn’t hire a much-needed additional person, and things have been … busy.   I have been trying to keep up with the news, with variable success.  With that variability comes some opinions.

Quite possibly the best gun control advocates in existence are the “Open Carry Texas” advocates.  Admittedly, they’re supposed to be advocating for open carry and no gun laws, but they’ve  managed to achieve a quite a different outcome.  Getting kicked out of restaurants, and having chains decide that they should tell people to not bring guns to their restaurants, along with harassing people who disagree with them is not earning them fans.  Even the NRA has decided that they’re more than a little too out there.

Personally, I think they’re well into bat guano crazy territory.  The only people who think they’re “safer” when they’re strutting around with their assault rifles are … themselves.  Everyone else feels distinctly less safe.  That they can’t realize that, as well as realize that there’s “a time and a place” for anything doesn’t really say much for their grasp of reality.  I’ve said this before, but I grew up in an area where most adults had guns, mostly rifles.  None of them ever walked around with them all the time, they would never have thought it appropriate to bring them to restaurants, churches, bars, meetings, or anywhere except when they were going hunting or target practice.  They where always unloaded when not doing so, and somehow none of them ever felt “less safe” because of it.

Republicans are, predictably, running their outrage machine about the prisoner trade with the Taliban for SGT Bowe Bergdahl.   Lots of news stories are being floated about how this is a “bad thing,” as well as wondering whether he actually deserted instead of being captured.    Nicely forgotten is that just a few months ago right wing media was calling for the administration to do “anything” to get him back.   Of course, they’re also “worried” about some of those freed from Guantanamo becoming terrorists again.   It wasn’t something they were terribly concerned about when President Bush released far more prisoners from Guantanamo, even though almost a third of them did end up committing terrorist acts.  As to his actions, that’s for the Army to decide what, if anything, he should be charged for, and you really can’t do a lot of that unless he’s … in your hands.

Here in New York, Governor Cuomo has gotten the “Working Families Party” line as well as the Democratic Party line.  For those who aren’t from this state, the WFP is a heavily union, progressive minor party.  It usually endorses the Democratic candidate, but not always.   This was important for the governor, because polling has shown that a third candidate running on this line would reduce his chances of reelection rather drastically. He’d still likely win, but it wouldn’t be a landslide, and even possibly have the Republican win.   He was challenged for it, by a woman named Zephyr Teachout.   What was interesting to me was this story:

Teachout isn’t (yet) getting criticized by the Right, but is instead the topic of a critical story in the Daily Kos in which the site’s eponymous founder, Kos, or Markos Moulitsas recounts what could be euphemistically described as a urinating contest he had with Teachout several years ago.

Aside from the personal spat, Kos contends that foregoing Cuomo for Teachout on the WFP’s gubernatorial line would be counterproductive both for the party itself and it would help the GOP.
“A Teachout nomination would surrender this historic opportunity to relegate the GOP to minority party status, and I want that BAD,” writes Kos.

Funny, just a few years ago Kos was busily telling everyone he was “so over conservaDems,” and advocating for more “pure progressives.”  In fact, he was attacking those who were being … pragmatic.  All of which is yet another in a series of Kos’ flip-flops when it comes to “principles.”   Realistically, Governor Cuomo is far from a “real progressive,” based on his actions (or lack thereof) since he took office, hence his vulnerability to a challenge from the left in this election.  Having Kos decide to lecture us on something that 4 years ago he was busily doing quite the opposite of is one of many reasons I no longer go to his site and think he should shut the hell up.   With friends like him, you don’t need enemies.



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  1. Glad you checked in. Also glad I’m no longer part of a “leaner” work force getting paid less and expecting to do more. 😦

    • Well, I got a raise, so the “paid less” isn’t a factor. The problem is that after two years of making the case for an additional person, it’s discouraging to have that yanked away from you at the last minute. As it is, I’m in better shape on that front than some of the other supervisors. The thing that was really infuriating was that some of my equipment, which was supposed to be ready (as in: “Yes, it’s all ready for you, stop bugging us!”) turned out to be … not even close to it.

  2. see above

    Nice to see you back I was out of the loop for quite some time and just checked your site today for the first time in months. I thought I catch up and surprise you posted. How bad was the looong winter on you? We’re at least a month behind although did get the garden in one time now it’s all the other stuff outdoors still to be done. There are days on the political front where I think my head will explode. The guns, the tea party, the Rrrr’s, and the non-news, news. I’ve found Kos to be one of those who in the course of a conversation wil disagree with himself.

    • The idiocy – particularly since it’s also primary season – is rather rampant. There was (and remains) a lot of good blog material, the problem for me is that time to do so is in very short supply these days.

      The winter was too long, but the spring is where I’m dealing with the results. We couldn’t get into my field station until May 1’st, and the winter damage (frost heaves/flooding) was pretty bad. Add in Murphy being an optimist, and right now I’m only beginning to get within view of where I should be at this time.