The Conservatives Disability

I have a genetic disability.  It’s nothing that generally impacts my life, although it has kept me out of certain fields.  I have deuteranomaly.  What’s that?  It’s a form of color blindness.  I really can’t see the color green.  I also have some issues with faint shades of red, or mixed shades.  What the majority of people in this country see as “green,” I’ll see as brown, tan, or gray, depending on the shade of green it is.  It’s sometimes embarrassing when people point out that I just called something “gray” which is obviously green (to them), but outside of that, I manage to get along.   So what does that have to do with conservatives?  They have a different sort of disability.

What sort?  I saw it in a post by Eclectablog, detailing the reactions to a sarcastic tweet he’d made.

A socialist snowplow just went past my house. Will this tyranny never end?

Which was funny.  What was even more amusing was the response by various conservatives.

This caused all manner of self-described libertarians and other conservatives to leap up to say this didn’t make any sense, they didn’t get the joke, they don’t think all government is socialism, etc., etc.

It’s consistent with things I’ve pointed out any number of times here in the past, that conservatives have an inability to see what is obvious to most people.

It’s not just that it’s their spending.   They didn’t see it as government spending.  Which was why they had this huge blind spot in their perception of themselves.  Yes, I have no doubt that they are hard-working, self-reliant, and help each other out locally.   I’m sure that local business owners took risks and worked their butts off to make their businesses profitable.  `  They all know someone who has had a run of bad luck, had a serious injury or illness, or just doesn’t quite make enough to get by, and “needs the help.” They never made the connection that it was  due to government that they were able to do so, or where that “help” came from.

I saw that same thing back when the Tea Party was protesting vigorously,  when the sequester hit early last year, and again when the government shutdown happened.   It’s a constant, that conservatives never seem to be able to see the things that they use, benefit from, or need are the result of “socialism” and paid for by taxes.  In other words, provided by the government.  Even when they are harmed by the government doing what they asked, in cutting taxes and associated government programs, they still can’t quite see that the two are linked.

I can’t see green, but I know it exists and I’m willing to take your word that something is green.  Their problem?  Not only can’t they see the need for government and taxes, they won’t even acknowledge it exists, or take someone’s word that it does.  That’s their disability.



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  1. see above

    I love this!! I have another perfect example. The fuel tax the US government collects has not been raised since the mid-90’s “no new taxes” you know. That tax went to our highways and byways and much of it back to the states for their work. The states share has gotten smaller and smaller although we still have roads and more of them. As a result the states, counties, and cities who used to get federal money for roads no longer get enough so they are implementing their own fuel or road taxes. A “no new taxes – states rights” guy was going off about how all these different taxes are cropping up making more work if you do business in multiple states and on and on. My head almost exploded listening but I just walked away because I knew he would never be able to see the cause and effect.

    • They really can’t and they exacerbate the problem when they carry the “no new taxes” into the state level. It’s been well-known for the past two decades that the federal gas tax money doesn’t even come close to what is needed, so Congress was adding money to it, which, of course was where all the earmarks could be easily inserted. When the “no earmarks” pledge hit, and of course, we need to “reduce the deficit!” that money went down or away. When the states (like Texas) decided that they didn’t want to raise taxes, well, then you have roads being returned to gravel rather than repaved. Because, after all, it’s a cost, even though the people who drive them (like oil company trucks) would really prefer paved roads. 🙄

      • Speaking of Texas, after all the “no earmarks” and “no taxes” business, San Antonians of the RWNJ persuasion blame Julian Castro for the state of our roads: “Instead of campaigning for the Kenyan Muslim, he should fix our streets! It’s a disgrace!”

    • Yea, this is the same disability responsible for the unacknowledged fact that there aren’t toilet paper fairies unfailingly keeping the bathroom stocked with rolls of toilet paper on that little gadget next to the toilet.

  2. aquagranny911

    Men! If you are desperate enough, you unroll the cardboard tube & use that but if you are a smart woman you carry tissues in your purse!

    Hola Norbrook! Great diary!