4 Years, 487 Posts Later

Today marks the fourth anniversary of this blog, although the “first post” came about a week later.  As the title shows, I’ve averaged a post every three days, although a look at the archives by month would show a rather large jump in productivity during some months compared to others.  This year was probably the one where I turned out the fewest postings, for a number of reasons.

As I said back in January when I decided to put this on hiatus:

I’ve started more than one post only to stop when I remembered that I did that before. It seems to be the nature of politics, particularly if you’re commenting on the extremes of either side of the political spectrum, that they’ll do the same stupid things over and over again, and your response ends up being the same. What was original the first time you did it just becomes a depressing rehash the n’th time you try to do it, and you struggle to come up with a good – or novel – way to address it.

Which really came down to a bad case of blogging burnout, which hasn’t gone away.  The truth is that it’s somewhat depressing to see something you’d think would be “great blog material!” only to realize that “I wrote about exactly the same thing two years ago.”  While WordPress has “reblog” and “copy post” functions which would save a lot of time, it’s not my preferred way of blogging.

Another factor in “fewer posts” is that my professional life has been very busy and well, messy.   Last year I said that the position I’d thought when I accepted it would need a few changes turned out to need a major overhaul.  That is still ongoing, and it wasn’t helped this year by the short-staffing and turnover this year.  While I’ve managed to make a dent in the “major project” side, there are still quite a number of them left besides the “minor projects.”  Given that, and that my workplace for 6 months is (literally) “off the grid” and rather defines the term “out in the middle of nowhere,”  it meant that blogging was far down my list of “things to do.”

Looking ahead to year five, I’ll say that my blogging will probably be about the same level as this year – spotty.   But I know that the same things that brought me out of hiatus will keep happening.  That is, Republicans, the “frustrati,” and others will manage to do something incredibly stupid.

Which will get my creative juices flowing once again.



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6 responses to “4 Years, 487 Posts Later

  1. I hear you man. Being redundant is something I’m always trying to avoid

  2. Dancer

    We’re happy whenever you are “HERE”…keep on keeping on whenever. Next year we shall need your voice even more!

  3. aquagranny911

    Hola, mi Hijo! I enjoy all your diaries & read them even if I do not comment. I appreciate that you have a life outside of “Norbrook’s Blog” & “Greetings From the Adirondacks” but I do hope you will continue to write about what ever moves you. You have a gift of cogent analysis & writing straight from your experience & your heart, with knowledge & passion. I’m pleased that you keep sharing that with all of us.

    Feliz Navidad from my heart to yours. Be Blessed & Feliz y Prospero Ano Nuevo.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    I always enjoy coming over here. You drop gems all over the place. Don’t be too hard on yourself. No one really has to post on their blog every day or every week. I’m an example of that.

  5. I always enjoy your posts and I will take them whenever I can get them. Take care of yourself, but don’t forget about us. There are so few sane, balanced, analytic voices out there these days!