Note To The Media: I Don’t Care About 2016!

If you read or watch the news media, particularly the political press, you’ll see a lot of stories – even polling – about the 2016 Presidential race.   You can’t visit any of them without seeing some story, column, or commentary handicapping the current contenders, and their prospects for getting through the primaries.  It’s even a subject for many blog postings on various sites, as to why Candidate X has any chance, or who is the overwhelming favorite.   If I were running a fantasy league for politics, I’m sure I’d be fascinated.  In reality?  I don’t care!  Neither should anyone else who is politically aware and active.

Back at the end of 2011, I wrote a post about the “lack of enthusiasm” Democratic voters had for the 2012 election.   Which was a “serious concern” in the media, but not to anyone else.  Why?  As I said then:

Let me jump back to this point in 2007.  That year we had a lot of candidates announcing for the Presidency.   It was open season on both sides.  I was politically aware back then, and had a lot of  discussions about the Democratic Party with people in the Party.  Do you know how many people I knew were running in the Party?  I knew the names of about half of them.  I wasn’t even paying attention to it, instead the local elections were my main concern.   Asking me how enthusiastic I was about the election next year would have met with a “Huh?” reply.  I wasn’t.

Which is the stage most people are at, really.  If you’d asked people in late 2005 to name the “favorites” in the 2008 election, almost all of them would have been naming … people who didn’t actually get on on the final ballot, if they could have come up with names in the first place.

But that’s not the only reason I’m not thinking of 2016.  It’s not just that the election cycle (let alone primaries) are over 2 years out, it’s that right now  it doesn’t matter!  What matters is the 2014 elections!   Why?  Next year, many states will be electing new (or re-electing) governors.  State legislatures are on the ballot.  Every member of the House of Representatives.  About 1/3’rd of the Senate.  In short, what your state is going to be like to live in, and whether the national government is controlled by Democrats (or even functional) is at stake.

Think it doesn’t matter?  Think about the past 3+ years.  What has happened in states that went Republican, what has been happening in the House and the Senate.  A constant assault on minorities, women, the poor.  Legislative gridlock as a “norm.”  Why did this happen?  Because people thought the 2010 elections didn’t matter, or even worse, thought that they’d “send a message” by staying home.  Many of those same people who are now busily writing long screeds about how awful the Republicans are.   Funny, just a few years ago, you were saying it “didn’t matter.”

That’s why I don’t care about the 2016 election.  I care about next year.  I have a governor, state legislators, and a Representative to elect, and I care about that.  I also care about keeping Democrats in control of the Senate and getting control of the House.  The talk of 2016?  It’s a distraction.  It doesn’t matter now.  What matters is next year.  If you want to know what I think about the 2016 election, ask me in 2016.  Then I’ll care.  For now?  I … don’t … care!



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8 responses to “Note To The Media: I Don’t Care About 2016!

  1. Suzanne

    It started the day after President Obama was re-elected and it hasn’t stopped once!! There are 3 years to a Presidental election and everyday a new poll is out asking about the election! Enough is enough! I agree with you that it is 2014 that matters . It is crucial and if we don’t concentrate on it, we will be stuck exactly where we are for 3 years at least!! Which is obstruction and more phony investigations!!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! I am so SICK of Hilary and Elizabeth Warren. Not only the 2014 elections (and I’m in Michigan living through the misery of a totally Republican government courtesy of the 2010 elections), but the President’s current agenda which needs our full report.

    • Which is where the attention should be. Your state is unfortunately one of the examples of what happens when you let the Tea Party control the government. Michigan is not the only one, and those are where attention should be focused.

      It’s part of “the game” that I saw in 2009, which distracted attention from the local/state elections (along with suppressing turnout) which led to this. Seriously, handicapping the 2016 election or trying to figure out the chances of the latest “progressive star” – who will disappoint “progressives” if they actually run – is simply mental masturbation.

  3. nathkatun7

    Thank you Norbrook for saying so well everything I feel about the media obsession with 2016. For the record, like Maryl1, “I am so SICK of Hillary and Elizabeth Warren.” Since I live in San Diego County, my #1 interest is how we can defeat the CROOK, Darrell Issa, in 2014. I refuse to let the unethical, so called mainstream, media dictate my agenda or my priorities.

  4. Anyone who is paying one iota of attention to 2016 and who lives in these states is crazy:
    – Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Maine
    Those are the states that Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012 and who had Republican governors elected in the 2010 teaparty wave (aka low turnout mid-term). We need to win back those governorships as if our lives depended on it … because they do.

    • Exactly. All “horseracing” the 2016 election is, is a meaningless distraction from the real task at hand. That’s aside from none of the proposed “contenders” have made any statements about running in the first place, or have no interest in doing so. 🙄

  5. Cappadonna

    The reason why the 2016 race is so interesting is exactly because its meaningless. Debating whether or not Hillary is going to go toe-to-toe with Warren or what retrograde clown the GOP picks at the Klan rally they call a convention worthless.

    By debating the whole “What does it mean for 2016” basically means our feckless media doesn’t have to report and inform on real complex issues going on right now. Watching the non-coverage of the problems with the ACA (mountains out of mole hills doesn’t begin to describe the ‘news’ on Obamacare, more like Mount Everest from a speed bump), the news media isn’t interested in educating anyone.

    The Fox News team has spent the last 5 years convincing their audience that regulated Healthcare is the same as Bataan Death March and the MSNBC/Salon gang have been scaring the hippies that Obama is personally sending drones to spy on their book club at Starbucks while making their kids drink pesticide. the American MSM isn’t about disseminating information, its about creating ridiculous memes and generating perpetual outrage porn. Not informing the populace, just scaring them or making them think everything’s a farce, like the Daily Show.

    Its all a distraction, because reporting real news and making people ask real questions. Just read Facebook or Twitter and see just how feel people are tethered to critical thinking.