The Just Plain Stupid Caucus

One of the things I try to do is to make a distinction between ignorance and stupidity.  Everyone is ignorant about something, or even many things.  Ask me about quantum physics, and I’ll be able give you a brief “Popular Science” summary, but not in any way, shape, or form will I have a real knowledge of it, particularly the math.  There’s a host of things I’m ignorant of, and I’m quite aware that I’m ignorant about them, as well as that I’m ignorant about things that I’m unaware exist.  Ignorance is correctable.  I can learn, and after working on that, I won’t be ignorant any longer about that particular thing.  Stupidity is something else.  It’s not just ignorance, although that can be a factor,  it’s unwillingness to learn, even from experience.  The old saying “once burned, twice shy” means that you learned something.  You get burned, and you’re careful around heated items in the future.  Stupidity is “just how many times do you have to be burned to know that hot items will burn you?”  In reading through various news reports after the shutdown was ended,  I realize that there is a group of Republicans in Congress who are giving stupidity a real workout.

In my last post, I talked about the initial reaction of many conservatives that the shutdown was “a good thing,” only to find out that it wasn’t … for them.  There was a lesson from back in March when the sequester, an across the board cut took effect.  Suddenly things that many conservative areas, and in particular many conservative politicians, took “for granted” turned out to be not just government funded, but unnecessary.  Suddenly that park your constituents depend on for business was opening late, the airport you use to fly home with doesn’t have an air traffic controller, local businesses and schools feel the pinch as military base cut spending, and it turned out that an awful lot of people wanted those things.  I said back then that

Well, they asked for it, and they’re getting it.  And they’re screaming their heads off about it.   Maybe the lesson will sink in this time, or it’ll have to be repeated.

It didn’t.  The same politicians went right ahead and pushed a government shutdown, and took the country to the brink of default, because, depending on which story they were using at the moment, they had to stop Obamacare or stop runaway government spending, etc., etc., etc.  The sequester’s lesson that their areas were disproportionately dependent on government spending didn’t sink in, and once again they got burned again, along with their constituents.  “Necessary aid” didn’t arrive, parks closed, needed permits weren’t available, expected funding didn’t arrive, idled government workers stopped spending, and you know what?  It was once again the “solid red” areas that took the brunt.

Now the shutdown has ended and the debt limit has been raised, and what did they gain from that?  Nothing.   So what lesson did they learn?

For a certain block of House conservatives, the ones who drove Speaker John Boehner toward a government shutdown and near-default against his will, the lesson of the last few weeks isn’t that they overreached. Not that they made unachievable demands, put their leadership in an impossible position, damaged their party’s position with the public and left a deep uncertainty about whether the GOP conference can recover and legislate.
No, what they’re taking away from the 2013 crisis is: They didn’t go far enough.

Seriously.  If only they had been “truly conservative” and stood together, they really believe that they would have “won.”  That despite warnings from economists, business leaders, financiers, and just about everyone else that defaulting on the federal debt would be disastrous, it would be not like that at all.  It would bring stability to the world markets,  even!  That’s besides the problems the shutdown was causing in their home districts, along with the tanking of the Tea Party brand with most voters.

Despite several examples that government is necessary, that it’s a “bad thing” to let the government default on its debt (even unconstitutional), they still believe that the shutdown was a good thing and that default wouldn’t have had any real impact.  Which is a failure to learn from experience, despite getting burned numerous times.  That’s stupidity.   Which leads me to the title of this post.  There’s a group of these people sitting in Congress.  We should stop calling them conservatives, or Tea Party Republicans, and call them what they really are:  The Just Plain Stupid Caucus.  Because that’s what they are, just plain stupid.



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8 responses to “The Just Plain Stupid Caucus

  1. aquagranny911

    Hola Norbrook! I have missed you! They are not only estupido but also ignorant & they glory in that ignorance. Lately I had to stop shaking my head and rolling my eyes about how little they understood of how government works because it was giving me serious whiplash! Simple economics may as well be quantum physics as far as they are concerned.

    All I can add is that we need to vote them OUT!

    • Churchlady

      They do believe that whatever they want is what is good. Then when it’s not so good, it’s someone ELSE’s fault it happened.

      They do have to have a house fall on them. I’d be happy to help.

  2. You are a terrific political writer. I look forward to your posts. I think that they are not only stupid but severely mentally ill-seriously-and most of them are believers in the End of Times.

    • aquagranny911

      Many are Dominionists who believe they should rule the world from their religious stand point. You can look it up. These people are neither sane nor pretty & they would consume our country like ravening wolverines if given the chance.

      They are a serious adversary & not to be dismissed too lightly. There are too many historical parallels for us to ignore this kind of insanity now.

      • Churchlady

        Sabreen sent me a link that showed Cruz was, in fact, anointed (this is huge in Dominionist circles) so yes, he’s One of Them for sure. And he wears that delusions and superstition quite proudly.

  3. Vic78

    The leadership brought this on themselves. They told them just worry about fundraising. They instructed incoming freshman don’t learn anything concerning policy. Just know the talking points. The caucus was told to be stupid. The party’s exposed now.

    I’ve been looking at history and the GOP has been weak for some time. It’s difficult to be a larger than life figure in America and expect to win elections right now by catering to bigots. Reagan was able to pull it off due to his acting. Reagan’s play book makes the user look like an idiot in the 21st century. I say the GOP should keep hitting that pipe. I’d rather they put it down but we have some issues to take care of. The sooner they’re gone the better off the world will be.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    I think along the lines of Vic. This stupid caucus has to continue to do stupid things, wrecking our country, damaging our relationships on the world stage until finally, finally voters get outraged enough and vote them out. The latest stat: 84% of surveyed voters want them all voted out. That’s unbelievable. We’re that convinced these fools aren’t doing the jobs we asked them to. Will we remember during the next election? Probably we will, because obviously there’s a contingent in the House who believe they actually succeeded at something! They’re so damn proud of the mess they made. They’re still calling it the “good fight.” That’s effing ridiculous and dangerous.

  5. Dancer

    I, too, miss you when you are “away” doing other business. My ideal candidate would be one who adopts the following: an amendment requiring an IQ and a CIVICS test for all running for national office. A campaign for raising the cap on SS, putting a transaction fee in place, getting rid of big oil subsidies, and taking a closer look at those Congressional members (of either party) who might accept government subsidies and rail against their availability for those truly in need of some assistance. Tired of the “they must take care of themselves” mentality which really means keep their hands off my pile of goodies!