The Other Problem With Conservatives? Hypocrisy.

There’s an article over on The Grio about how the “Tea Party is over.”   It’s interesting, not just because what the author, who supposedly was involved at the start, said but also because of the rather … virulent … response from various Tea Party activists for his apostasy.  He points out the underlying hypocrisy (and racism), which is something I’ve pointed out quite a lot in the past.  But then again, I’m a liberal, so it’s not unusual for me to point it out.  It took a while for him to “get the message.”

It’s so sad to me that a movement that began as an organic reaction to big government has been hijacked by the right. The Tea Party’s slogan was, “fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets” — but it has now become the religious right in tri-corner hats.

I thought we were going to have Republicans thinking for once and realizing that if Barack Obama put an entire private sector industry out of business and then nationalized that same industry and created a new cabinet level department to oversee and regulate the industry I would call it socialism … so how come I was OK with George W. Bush doing the same thing to the airline security industry? And I am glad that we are all concerned about extra-judicial drone strikes on American citizens, but how come George Bush and Barack Obama can both kill Americans with drones overseas without a trial? Is it because the targets have brown skin and a foreign last name?

But alas we learned no such lessons. We are OK with big government as long as it’s a Republican administration. We are OK with losing our civil liberties as long as a white Republican is the one in the White House taking our freedoms away.

Honestly?  He managed to delude himself for quite some time.  For one  thing, the only reason the Tea Party was even a force at all was because of various right wing groups “hijacking” it. 🙄  I could point out that President Obama didn’t – and wasn’t going to – put an entire private sector industry out of business.    I might also point out that a good many of those very same “activists” were also stating that they didn’t want anyone touching their … government provided socialist healthcare program.

It’s just one of numerous examples.  It’s easy to point out that for the most part, the states that are the most heavily conservative tend to be the ones most dependent on federal spending.   Which has led conservatives to suddenly claim that the President needs to spend more:

While other Republicans were slamming Obama for increasing health-care costs, in other words, right-wing populists like Palin were denouncing him for reducing them. Something similar happened when Paul Ryan became Mitt Romney’s running mate. As a member of Congress, Ryan had proposed turning Medicare’s guaranteed benefit into a voucher in order to dramatically cut spending on the program. But after joining the Romney ticket, Ryan began accusing Obama of “raiding” $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare (even though Ryan’s own budget had proposed the exact same cut). Once again, Republicans who had spent the Obama years attacking Democrats for not cutting federal domestic spending enough were suddenly attacking them for cutting it too much.

Greg Sargent calls it “Policy Nihilism.”

Mark April 11th, 2013, down on your calendars as the day that the GOP’s fiscal ruse was finally unmasked with total clarity: Republicans don’t actually want entitlement cuts. Or, to put it another way, they say they want entitlement cuts, but they want Dems to own them.

It goes along with their screams when it comes to sequester cuts in their districts and states, as well as suddenly decrying the proposed privatization of a government agency:

For decades, North Alabama’s been getting a pretty sweet deal on electricity rates, courtesy of the Tennessee Valley Authority.  But President Obama’s budget proposal released yesterday may change that.  The budget suggests that debt concerns make make it necessary to sell TVA to private businesses.

It’s amazing how many Republicans from the area serviced by TVA are suddenly finding it “a bad thing.”  Why?  Well, because:

By 2010, prices had shot up again, but TVA customers still paid less, on average:

TVA’s average retail price ranked 31st lowest among the nation’s 100 largest utilities in fiscal year 2010 (the 12-month period ending September 2010), an improvement from 43rd lowest in fiscal 2009. TVA’s average retail price was 7.9 cents per kilowatt-hour, nearly 20 percent lower than the group average of 9.9 cents per kWh. 

These lower utility rates benefit TVA’s residential customers and they also help the region recruit industry:

TVA is providing electricity at marginally above cost  to the area, instead of charging “market rates.”  The “cheap power” that these areas have been using to attract businesses, or induce them to relocate there.    When the President suggests that it would be good for the country’s debt to let free market private enterprise take over?   The shrieks of indignation are remarkable!

It also holds true when it comes to disasters.  Various Republicans were … indignant … about the “wasteful” nature of aid to the Northeast after superstorm Sandy.  But when it comes to their disasters?  Get out the checkbook, FEMA!

In January of 2013, before he became infamous for modernizing McCarthyism in the Senate halls, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed he couldn’t support aid for Sandy victims because of the “pork” and “wasteful spending” in the Disaster Relief Act of 2013 ….

Cut to April of 2013. Texas needs federal aid because they don’t do such a great job of regulating and overseeing businesses or zoning, apparently. So when a fertilizer plant that had once been allowed to operat without a pollution permit for several years blew up and impacted a nearby school and nursing home, the devastating damage was more than Texas could cope with alone.

Sen. Cruz will visit West on Friday. He finally issued a statement from the Capitol, “We are in very close touch with officials on the ground and we’re monitoring the tragic accident closely. It’s truly horrific and we are working to ensure that all available resources are marshaled to deal with the horrific loss of life and suffering that we’ve seen.”

All of which are indicators of the other problem with conservatives, and the Republican Party.  They’re all in favor of entitlement cuts and small government, except when it’s their entitlements and government services.  It’s not that they didn’t “adequately communicate their message,” it’s that while they were touting their “principles,” their actions were communicating quite nicely their hypocrisy.   Since they seem to be very big on “Bible based” behavior, I’ll close with this:

23 Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.

Substitute “conservatives” and “Republicans,” and they’re the same.  They just won’t admit it.



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8 responses to “The Other Problem With Conservatives? Hypocrisy.

  1. Vic78

    Who’s the genius that thought it was a good idea to have an ammonium nitrate plant next to a school? Why is Sen Cruz asking for money? You know stupid Rubio pulled the same shit with Sandy. I’m hoping they run for president. I’m there 2016. Just make me Secretary of negative ads. If you’re a democrat, I’m your best friend in 2014 and 2016. They need to call me. I really want this fight.

    Their hypocrisy is their worst trait. The most anti gay ones are banging dudes. I don’t want to hear about spending. They’re the ones holding up the drug laws. They love Jesus so much yet they’re the most hateful toward those that care for others. The base thinks a scumbag like Breitbart was some kind of hero. What did the bible say about those that called evil good and good evil?

    • Apparently, the plant was there first. So we have to ask who thought it was a good idea to build a couple of schools, a nursing home, and a hospital near a fertilizer plant. 😥 Along with not bothering to check to see how much ammonium nitrate was on site and make sure that the safety precautions and hazard communications were followed. But hey, low taxes and no regulation! Freedom! 🙄 Except now they want the rest of the country to bail them out and fix it for them.

  2. nathkatun7

    Great post, Norbrook! I am glad you quoted Matthew, 23 to highlight the hypocrisy of Republicans. As far as I am concerned, hypocrisy is truly the essence of the current Republican party. The Republicans are like “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees…” because “…they do not practice what they preach.” Sadly, the majority of Americans have no clue. That’s because the so called mainstream media aids and abets Republicans by covering up their hypocrisy.

    The media does that by constantly preaching false equivalency about both sides. For example: the Senate filibuster of the most mild Bill requiring background checks of people who buy guns is simply blamed on the generic Senate. But even more devastating, the 4 Democrats, who joined 41 Republicans in filibustering the bill, are prominently blamed by the media. Never mind the fact that 41 Republicans were enough to defeat the Bill via a filibuster, which required 60 votes for the Bill to pass. The generic blame on the Senate, and emphasis on 4 Democrats who voted with majority Republicans to defeat cloture, masks another important reality: The majority of Democrats (51) joined by 4 Republicans voted to require background checks. When all the votes were tabulated, 55 Senators, a majority, voted to require background checks, whereas 45 Senators, a minority, voted against background checks for gun buyers. Because of the stupid senate Filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes –a super majority–, a minority of Senators defeated a bill favored by a majority of Senators. Because the media makes no effort to explain this reality, and instead focuses on who won or lost, the President or Republicans; the hypocrite Republicans will be able to go around claiming to be the party that is for “Freedom,” Law and Order, and National Security.

    • I’ve often said that the worst thing I could do to them is give them what they say they want. 😉 One of the things I see the sequester doing – one of the few good things – is to start cracking that shell of denial many of the “conservative” areas have. Up until now, they’ve been buffered from government cuts, to the extent that they really don’t see how dependent they are on “big government.” There’s nothing like having your business receipts go down because government employees in the area have had a big cut in pay, seeing your local airport closed, road repairs put off, your school district having to cut back, and a host of other things “cut back” to drive the message home. The thing is that the full impact is still coming.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio

    Hypocrisy, mixed with stupidity and a pathological need to lie and lie often. Is it too much to hope that by now most sane Republicans are thinking of forming a new party? I have to wonder, come the next election cycle, how in the hell they’ll parse all the magnificent stupidity we’ve heard these past few years. Should be remarkable, but we’ve got it all written down and it better be resurrected.

    • Vic78

      Any democrat that can’t take advantage of these developments in the next election should retire. The incompetence required to fail this time around would be remarkable. I think they’re going to do make it happen. The GOP has screwed itself on the eastern seaboard. They haven’t been doing themselves any favors in the Midwest either. Now we have the sequester that conservatives were on record saying was a good idea. Democrats should deliver a curb stomping.

      • Personally? I’d run ads where they talk about how the sequester is “a good thing” and with it, every headline crying about the local impact. 😉

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        So right, Vic. To squander this opportunity to take control in elections throughout the country would send my head into orbit. The gloves need to be taken off and we liberals and progressives and, hopefully, some Republicans, need to remember just what took place during the last few years.