Gloat, Gloat, Gloat!

One of the earlier targets I had here on this blog was a group we used to call “firebaggers,” or the left’s equivalent of the Tea Party.  They had similar tactics and a lack of facts, without the political organizing and voter mobilization the Tea Party had.   The term came about because most of them inhabited a site called Firedoglake, egged on by it’s owner, Jane Hamsher.

I have spent more time than I wanted on things she and her minions have done,  including delving into some of her finances.

Late in 2011, I wrote a post here called “Jane Hamsher’s Running out of Sheep.”  The gist of it was that she tended to tie her various ventures together, in ways that weren’t always what her donors thought was being done.  Her FDL Action PAC turned out to be mostly … funding FDL and her “media company,” CommonSense Media.   One of the things I noted was this:

FDL Action’s fundraising wasn’t quite as good:
Total Receipts $2,440
Total Spent $2,690
Begin Cash on Hand $3,191
End Cash on Hand $2,941

In other words, the cash donations weren’t flowing in.

Which made this story in today’s Huffington Post unsurprising.

NEW YORK — CommonSense Media, a digital advertising network co-founded by film producer and Firedoglake publisher Jane Hamsher, has filed for bankruptcy to liquidate its assets.

and the creditors?

Hamsher is known as a leading figure in the progressive blogopshere and left-leaning pundit. CommonSense Media’s creditors, however, span the political spectrum and include Daily Kos, Raw Story, AlterNet, Talking Points Memo, MyDD, The New Republic, Crooks and Liars, The Drudge Report, National Review Online, RedState, Human Events, Eagle Publishing, Town Hall, Salem Communications , Five Thirty Eight, The Hill, CQ-Roll Call, Taylor Marsh, John Aravosis (AMERICAblog),  and Duncan Black (Eschaton).

Not quite as … progressive … as she’d have liked us to think, at least when it comes to money.  It’s very much a case of “Do as I say, not as I do.

Yes, she’s seriously hardcore about being progressive. She wanted Democrats and progressives to boycott Fox.  Except when she thinks she’s not getting what she wants, then she’ll team up with the far right and make appearances on Fox. Yes, Ms Hamsher is not one to let principles stand in the way when she’s after something.   She’s scathing in her denunciations of progressive groups that accept some corporate funds, unless of course, it’s her corporation which receives those same corporation’s funds.

So now, her advertising firm is in bankruptcy.  Gosh, how do I feel about that?

Maybe you guessed from the title?



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14 responses to “Gloat, Gloat, Gloat!

  1. Norbrook? I love you. Intensely!!!! That was majestic!

  2. Hah! Just you wait! Baby Jane will find some way to blame this on “the stupidest motherfuckers in the world”.

  3. Curtis

    Am I happy that Jane’s company is in bankruptcy? No. Absolutely not. No way. Nuh uh. Nope. NO! Nah… nnnnnnnnn…. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!

    So how do Townhall and Drudge and Redstate get to be creditors of CSM? CSM advertises for FDL or that PAC on their pages and then doesn’t pay?

    • No, CSM sells advertising, similar to various other “web ad” companies, and was supposed to be paying these sites per click or other measure for the web traffic for running the ads. The problem was that CSM doesn’t have the money to pay the web sites the money they owe them, so they’re now creditors. What CSM did with the money they supposedly were getting from various clients for advertising is something else. 🙄

  4. aquagranny911

    I’m so grateful that I was not the only person enjoying this visit from the Lady Karma. I know it’s wrong to enjoy the misfortune of another but in this case I can’t help myself.

    • Vic78

      Who said you aren’t supposed to take pleasure in the enemy’s misfortune? I’m having a damn good time at their expense. Hamsher has her blackface thing going, so I’m feeling about as sympathetic as Vlad the Impaler when the chicken was too cold.

  5. see above

    Never having been a fan of FDL I can’t feel too bad. Righteousness in the name of ones beliefs always gets my antennas quivering. Bullheadedness, over the top enthusiasm, anger, unreasonableness, any number of things I can abide but righteousness “danger will robinson!!”

  6. Vic78

    That was quite a show. Very entertaining…
    You look so dumb right now.
    The song works for her.

  7. nathkatun7

    Norbrook, my grandmother, may she RIP, always reacted to people she found phony or untrustworthy by saying: “you can smell a skunk a mile away.”

    I distinctly remember all your posts alerting us about the smell coming from Jane Hamasher and her firebaggers! Today’s news have vindicated you.

  8. I certainly don’t feel bad. Firebaggers and Emoprogs have gotten on my last nerve since President Obama was elected and re-elected.

  9. Screw the Firedog person or anything that she does or is connected to. I would never feel sympathy here or her cyber rats. She did intellectual business with Grover the boil to take the ACA alls because she didnt get her public option.

    Same thing goes for Ralph Nader as far as I am concerned that man is dead to man.