What Is That Whining Sound? Oh… Republicans.

Just some more stuff on Republicans getting … hurt … by the sequester.   TPM:  Republicans develop sequestration buyer’s remorse.

But now that those cuts are creating real consequences, individual members are experiencing buyer’s remorse. The only problem is, until they change their underlying position on replacing sequestration, the only thing they can do about it is whine.

Call it sequestration NIMBYism.

“It seems difficult to say with a straight face that completely eliminating a source of revenue for the National Park Service is a smart, targeted cut,” said Sen. John Thune (R-SD), a member of GOP leadership.

Thune says he thinks the National Park Service made a political decision to close revenue-generating campgrounds, including at Wind Cave National Park in his home state, to make the cuts more visible to the public.

Don’t close our airport towers!

U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna, R-Barneveld, also sent to a letter to the FAA today, asking the agency to reverse its decision to close Griffiss International Airport’s control tower in Rome. Griffiss is among 189 contractor-operated towers that the FAA wants to close.

All over the country?

Sample headlines from around the country in districts represented by Republicans include these:



Opposition to the sequester has united the Virginia congressional delegation, which is headed by Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

My.  Who could have predicted that?  Weren’t some of these people the ones who wanted the sequester to occur?

Schadenfreude.  It’s a wonderful thing.



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11 responses to “What Is That Whining Sound? Oh… Republicans.

  1. foxpup

    Let’s play a game of chicken with the economy! It’s more fun with your eyes closed…

  2. Vic78

    I try not to be sadistic but they won’t let me be good. I tell you, I wasn’t always like this.

  3. I really hope this sequester continues so the Republicans can bitch and whine some more. Fuck them.

    • Yup. For example, here was Wyoming Representative Lummis on Feb 11:

      “Sequestration will take place…I am excited. It will be the first time since I’ve been in Congress that we really have significant cuts.” [Billings Gazette, 2/11/13]

      and now that her constituents are bitching about Yellowstone?

      In an interview, Lummis suggested that Wenk petition House and Senate appropriators for permission to take money from his capital budget to cover the cuts, an idea he said was not legal and would never get through Congress in time

      • But Boehner got 98% of what he wanted or something like that. People like you and Deaniac saw this coming when the bill was written. That’s why Lindsay Graham last year and this one has been screaming his head off. He knew Republicans had walked into it. Democratic districts will be hurt for sure but nothing even close to the pain Red America is going to feel.

        Boehner may not want to face the reality just yet but sooner or later he is coming to the negotiating table.

        • And the President knows it and Boehner knows he knows it.

        • I don’t think it’s Boehner so much as the wingnut caucus he has to deal with coming to face reality. For all the posturing they were doing before the sequester took effect, they’re now being faced with constituents screaming at them. What I see them doing is trying to song-and-dance their way around it, by trying to pass “flexibility options” – failing, but trying – and avoiding doing what they’re going to have to do in the end.

          The longer this goes on, the more it plays into the President’s hands. They either come to the table seriously, or they’re going to have a very hard time in 2014.

  4. see above

    Let’s make sure we do what we can by dontaing to food shelves and contributing what we can to good organizations in our communities that help the disadvantaged folks who will be hit the worst by this.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio

    It’s all so ridiculous. Conservatives seem hell-bent on making themselves look like fools. Will their constituents reward them for it? I sure hope not.

    • I would hope not, but not a lot of that, to be honest. A lot of these areas are “reflexive” Republicans, in that they’ll trot into the voting booth and vote the party line, no matter what. Usually it takes repeat lessons before they “get the message.” Long ago, I said “The worst thing I could do to the red states is to give them exactly what they say they want.”