Yes, I’m A Cold-Hearted SOB Sometimes

The past couple of posts here have been detailing the screams of outrage from various business people and politicians in conservative Republican areas regarding the effects of the sequester cuts on their areas.  The sudden cutbacks in various government agencies was causing them serious problems.  Airports they use are having air traffic towers shut down, military bases are cutting back, parks aren’t opening, schools have lost funds, and hospitals are going to lose money.   Yes, you see, it’s actually affecting them!   After looking at these, I have to have a reaction:

Yes, I’m not in the mood to hear it from them.  You see, they’re the ones who have been running around for the past few years telling everyone how “important” it was to cut government spending.  They like to pontificate at length about the need to cut government’s size, reduces taxes,  and let us know how we should stop “giving stuff” to people who aren’t hard-working, risk-taking “real Americans,” like them.  They’ve elected quite a number of far-right conservatives to implement that as well.

So now they’re seeing actual cuts, and the politicians who they elected are making all sorts of statements about the cuts being “inconsequential” and “minor.”  Except that it happens that it’s their government funded programs as well.  So they’re unhappy?

Here’s my message to them:  Shut the fuck up.  You asked for this.  You were the ones who thought you weren’t dependent on government funded programs, so live up to your damn rhetoric.  Anyone who was paying attention knew – because we look at things like actual data – that your area was seriously dependent on federal money flowing into it.  In fact, the reason you had a stable economy wasn’t because of your work ethic, your intelligence, your race, or religious beliefs, it was because the rest of us were paying taxes that were being spent in your area, not ours.

Instead of bitching and whining, suck it up and deal with it.  After all, that’s what you’ve been telling everyone else to do.  Show some initiative, and let us know how that works out for you, hmm?



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13 responses to “Yes, I’m A Cold-Hearted SOB Sometimes

  1. I feel the same way. The people of California send $1.75 of our taxes to the red states. I say we need that money here, not in Georgia or Alabama. They can take care of themselves. See how that works? And now they’re bitching because THEY are taking the brunt of the sequester cuts? Gee, that’s too bad.

    • Yes, and any sympathy I might have had in the past got thrown out when they – and their elected representatives – decided to play games with the Sandy disaster relief package. I don’t recall ever hearing any congressional representative from a Northeastern or “blue” western state making comments about some area in those “conservative” states relying on themselves or “worrying” about the deficit/national debt when they were faced with a major disaster.

      Funny, but they were the ones running around all February telling us it would be a good thing, that we needed to “control spending” and “reduce the deficit.” So now they’re complaining because they, like the rest of us, have to suffer with an asinine budget cut? Let me see if I have any sympathy… nope, all out.

      • aquagranny911

        That business about Sandy relief really pissed me off too. The ones who blocked it were the very ones who would have been howling for help if their states were hit & they would expect themselves “entitled” to get that help pronto.

        They are such ugly, shortsighted, ignorant little snebishes. The meteor doesn’t count unless it lands in their back yard.

  2. Norbrook I hate these people you are talking about, they are disgusting with thier bull shit. I say lets hit thie asses on the fact that some of the redstates get more goverment dollars than they put in. Lets also really, really scrutinize do they really think that goverment spending is what is slowing down the economy. Lets also ask them over and over again if goverment spending is bad then how why cant we cut the pentagon budget.

    • I don’t really hate them, I just have no sympathy for them getting what they said they wanted. There’s a massive perceptual blind spot they have. Their perception of themselves and the actual reality. They literally can’t see that the reason they get to be so “independent” and “self-sufficient” (in their eyes) is because there’s a military post, national park, or some other government facility or spending in their area.

      • Norbrook I wish I were as mature as you. But the Rethug selfishness is so disgusting. When they have natural disasters in thier part of the country then they help from the goverment. When goverment spending is spent on things they like then cutting hurts the economy. But when its spending on things they dont like them goverment spending is holding back the economy its sickening. They have been sabatoging the economy since Obama got in office in orde to regain power.

        I despise these people and everything they stand for, but I respect the fact that you are able not to harbor the bitterness towards them that I do.

  3. Vic78

    I’m going to be like Ras Kass and say that “if you’re looking for sympathy, you better look between r and t in the fuckin dictionary.”

    Let the churches and charity take care of those cuts. If you ask me, I’d say people are getting tea bagged.

    Does anyone think this settles the question as to why so many black people support the democrats?

    • In the Army, we used to say “If you’re looking for sympathy, check the dictionary. It’s right before syphilis.”

      What I find interesting is that they’re not complaining about the social services cuts in their area (although that has to hurt as well) but that their businesses are being hurt. Turns out that their ability to make a living depends on some government spending in the area. Shame, ain’t it?

      • Vic78

        But “you built that.” The president tried to tell them. Elizabeth Warren tried to tell them. You have to give the the Cool Hand Luke treatment. It never gets old.

  4. aquagranny911

    Hola Norbrook! I read this morning that two of the reddest counties in Indiana had a lottery to see which 3 dozen kiddos were getting kicked out of Headstart today due to the budget cuts. It’s about like “Hunger Games” for tots. (For anyone who thinks I might be a bit extreme, a lot of the kiddos get their two main meals at Headstart, besides being schooled.)

    Those kiddos will be crying on Monday when they can’t go back to school. I could say “so sad, too bad” for their parents if they voted “R” except for the kiddos.

    • And what do you want to bet that there’s a nice newspaper story or local television news story on this, thoughtfully herding said crying children into the camera? This is what was predicted by Charles Pierce, who’s article in Esquire I quoted in a previous post.

  5. see above

    It’s the uniformed worrying about free lunches for poor kids, a single mom getting a tax refund while the greedy point and stuff their pockets with billions in government dollars.
    To bad we can’t push for a law that says you can’t get more back as a state than you pay in. The blue states would all look great and the red even worse than they do today.
    To paraphase Louis Black ”the folks from the doublewides who didn’t have a pot to p**** in were somehow convinced to dress up in costumes and march the streets with signs to make sure we don’t tax the rich”.
    Maybe this time we can save the clippings for political ads.