It’s Too Early to Start 2016!

It’s Monday, after “springing forward” as well.

Well, this weekend was … interesting … sort of, when it came to politics.

It’s obvious that, no matter what the American public wants, the Republicans are starting the 2016 presidential race.  Oh, they’re not saying that, right now.  They’re “considering” it, being “mentioned” or “open to the possibility.”

Which are all code words for “Yes, I’m running.”  Among the first out of the gate is Jeb Bush:

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush praised his brother’s presidency, suggesting history would view it favourably, as he made a tour of the Sunday talk shows aimed at getting his own 2016 White House run back on track.

One of the biggest obstacles facing him if he is to mount a White House run could be his name. There is some resistance in the US, a country proud of its democratic credentials, to electing a third Bush into the White House. But the main problem is the negative feelings still arouse by the George W presidency.

Or, as the people with still functioning memories say:

Let’s be honest, shall we?  I know that’s a foreign concept to Republicans, but still.  You don’t do a “full Ginsburg” and appear on every Sunday news talk show just promote your latest book, which you’re busily denying parts of it.

It was curious, then, to see former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) pull off the feat yesterday — he actually went further, also talking to Univision yesterday — for no particular reason. He didn’t have any new plans to announce, and he didn’t play a direct role in any major news event, but the Republican apparently felt like raising his national media profile, and the Sunday shows were happy to accommodate his wishes.

Of course, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out Bush’s motivations. The former governor struggled all week to explain his own position on immigration — ostensibly his signature issue, about which he recently published a book — and he likely reached out to the Sunday shows to do damage control.

Umm… yeah.  Not running at all, and definitely not pandering.

I wish they’d drop the pretense.  There may be someone, way off in the back woods who doesn’t gt the Internet or any outside communications who may believe them, but that’s about it.   I do wish that they wouldn’t start so early though.  I’m more focused on what 2014 is going to bring, not on 2016.

At the same time, there’s a real lesson for liberals.   Looking at the jockeying for position, the moves to step way out to the wingnut right, then back to the not-quite-insane right by these “not candidates yet” is an indicator that “changes” in the Republican Party when it comes to its platform and inclusiveness will be … cosmetic.  Not very good cosmetics at that.



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6 responses to “It’s Too Early to Start 2016!

  1. foxpup

    Oh, us lefties are jumping the gun, too… with Hillary. I guess waiting three years to get into the next gut-wrenching election cycle is too much to ask.

    • I actually doubt Hillary will run. I also think any lefty who’s out there thinking too much about 2016 is taking their eyes off the ball.

  2. Vic78

    Jeb would be ahead if he just kept his mouth shut and stayed out of the news. The serious people that plan on running aren’t in the news right now. It’s supposed to be under the radar at this point.

    With everything I just said, we just went through a frustrating campaign a few months ago. I’m trying to figure out how Obama wins a district but the tea billy congressperson wins that congressional seat. Now we have the sister banging majority in the House while the Senate is tied up by the idiot brigade.

    I wish our media took politics as seriously as they take sports.

    • Well, my county voted for a Democrat for Senator but not for President or the House. 😥 Go figure.

      I’m not particularly thrilled by the urge to “start running” right after an election. Even after 2004, which was the election before what we’ll see in 2016 – no incumbent – we didn’t see “names” being floated until late 2006, and even then, no real announcements until 2007. Which I thought was way to early, even then. Now I think of them as “the good old days.” 🙄

  3. see above

    If we don’t pull a major upset in 2014 and keep the senate while winning back the house we may not have a country worth saving by 2016 or we all may be in Canada if they’ll have us. I personally don’t even care about 2016 now.

    • I think the upset is likelier than it would be in a “normal” mid-term, mainly because the Democratic base has much more reason to turn out this time than the Republican base. Particularly after the Republicans have done such a wonderful job in the House. 😉 There’s also a number of states having state-wide offices up for grabs, and the states with Republican governors/legislators have been … annoying … their electorates.