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Stating what’s obvious, I’ve decided to bring Norbrook’s Blog back out of hiatus.  While I thought that I would probably do so at some point, it happened a lot sooner than I’d thought it would.  As with most things that I plan, it seems that external events means scrapping plans and starting on a different path.    So for now, at least until the political situation calms down (unlikely) or I start getting incredibly busy with my paying job (very likely), this blog will remain “active.”

What about  “Out of the Adirondacks,” the blog that was supposed to be this one’s replacement?  That’s going to stay up as well.  Over the next week or so, I’ll be doing some reorganizing. Most of the non-political links on the blog roll have been moved over there, and some other changes will be made.  That blog will become my “anything else” blog.  Those of you who have been visiting here for the random musing,  humor, and LOLcat posts, that’s where you’ll find new ones, along with anything I find interesting enough outside of politics to blog about.  This blog will become “politics only.”  That doesn’t mean I won’t be using the LOL pictures in political blogging, I will.

Besides having different “looks” and different emphases, there are some “under the hood” differences between the two blogs.  This blog will remain more “moderated.”  That is, the “ban list” and the limited time for comments will remain in place, along with the commenting rules.   The other blog is more “open,” although I have set it to “first comment needs approval,” mainly to keep the spam to a minimum.   While I might in the future change the time limit for comments, for now open-ended there.   The only “overall rule” is that I won’t tolerate cross-over in the comments.  If it’s political, it stays here, if it shows up over there, I’ll delete it.

I’m not sure (yet) how much political blogging I’m going to do at the moment, but given the obtuseness and complete incompetence of the conservatives, it’s going to be more than I wanted to.



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4 responses to “Some Meta

  1. catdevotee

    From one political junkie to another, welcome back! I’m happy to put you back in my bookmarks!

  2. Suzanne

    Soooo very happy you’re back!! Loved Adirondocks, but need, need your insight and wisdom politically!!!

  3. Good luck. It get’s maddening dealing with the madness that is out there.

  4. nathkatun7

    Welcome back! We need sober minded and pragmatic people like you to help make sense of the current insane political atmosphere.