A Little Announcement

It’s been a while since this blog was put on hiatus. At the time, I felt I’d said pretty much everything I’d wanted to say about politics.

It’s been refreshing not to deal with politics, to blog about other things in life. That doesn’t mean that I stopped being interested in politics, or wasn’t following what has been going on. It just meant that I wasn’t blogging about it.

Recently, events in the political landscape have made me realize

and that

The old urge to say something was reappearing.

So, what does that have to do with the title of this post?

It’s time to warm up the keyboard and saddle up

Yes, that’s right,

And I’m ready to rock!



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4 responses to “A Little Announcement

  1. YEEHAW!!! So glad you’re coming around here again. Missed you, despite enjoying your Other Venture.

    • The other venture will be continuing. 😉 I’d rather hoped I wouldn’t “be back,” at least for a while. Events seem to exist to foil those plans.

  2. sjterrid

    I’m glad that this blog is back up, but at the same time sorry that it was necessary for you to come back because of republican’s and the media’s stupidity for letting things get this far!

    • 😀 I had originally thought that I might come back sometime late this year, or maybe next year. What I hadn’t planned on was the concentrated and unremitting stupidity of the Republicans and various media pundits. 🙄 😥