Some Triumph … And An Announcement

Back in the early 1980’s, one of my favorite bands was Triumph.  In one of my end of year posts, I said:

While New Year’s resolutions seem to exist to be broken, I’ve been breaking my resolutions for here in record time.  Therefore, my resolution for this year is to … keep doing what I’ve been doing.  I already know that politics are going to be a frequent topic,  I’ll still be doing my LOL picture posts, and I’ll try to slip in some of the other things.  At least that’s one resolution I won’t break.

What do the two have to do with each other?

Yes, I’m breaking the resolution I said I wouldn’t.  Norbrook’s Blog is going into mothballs, an extended – and possibly permanent –  hiatus starting on Monday.   It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I’ll have a new front page up on Monday which will explain things in more detail.

I’ll still be around the internet, commenting and doing other things.   For all the commenters here and my fellow bloggers, a last song for you.



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12 responses to “Some Triumph … And An Announcement

  1. Rik Emmett is my all time favorite song writer. His solo stuff is great too. Fight the good fight! Yes! I don’t meet all that many fellow Triumph fans, so I’m glad you posted this, even if it is your last post for awhile (or ever – though I hope not). Carry on the flame!

  2. aquagranny911

    Dang! I will miss your blog, Norbrook. I’ve grown quite fond of you. I really enjoy your “musings,” your pithy comments, the pictures you share here. I hope after a rest you will decide to come back to us. You can’t see it but I have my sad face on.

    Adios, Amigo!

  3. Well, I’d never heard of Triumph (I started listening to what they called “album rock radio” in like 1990, so, guessed I just missed ’em). But “Fight the Good Fight” is pretty great. Reminds me a bit of King’s X. So: thanks for that!

    Sorry about the blogging-ending thing, though. Hope to see you around frequently.

  4. Suzanne

    I’m sad…I’ll truly miss this blog!!

  5. see above

    But I just found your blog and it’s one where I read every post because common sense is not common but it is here. How will we find you? You just rebuilt the blog don’t you want to stay to see if you get messages with surprise in them because someone finally noticed something you did? Thank you anyway follow your stars

  6. Change is good. I look forward to your new look.

  7. sjterrid

    I’m sorry to hear you putting the Norbrook Blog on Hiatus. I really like reading your posts. I’m sure I’ll be seeing your comments on two other blogs I read everyday. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and LOL pictures with us.

  8. Vic78

    This was a pretty neat blog you had set up. It won’t be the same without Norbrook’s.

    • I have a nice set-up at my new place. 😉 I just won’t be doing politics for a while. I did gun control articles two years ago, I did “tax fights” about the same time, and the debt ceiling fight. The usual suspects are still lighting their hair on fire, and the Republicans haven’t discovered sanity. I have a bad case of “here we go again. 🙄 “