Monday – Also Christmas Eve

It’s cold here, and then something made me open my eyes.

Yes, it’s Monday
It’s also the day before Christmas, when there’s the frantic last-minute shopping and preparation for tomorrow.   Hopefully everyone who travels will do so without any … incidents.


Of course, not everyone is in “the holiday mood,”

because they’re a little tired of hearing the same music over and over again,

and think people are taking decorating a bit too far.

We’ll have to remind the younger people how fortunate they are.

Still, it’s time to think of the good

Which would be a lot easier at the moment if there weren’t so much snow.



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6 responses to “Monday – Also Christmas Eve

  1. Dancer

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and all who check in here…I got my present on Nov. 6th…and now FIREFLY marathon today and FRINGE tomorrow…wow, couldn’t be better!

  2. Merry Christmas Norbrook

  3. catdevotee

    Happy Solstice to all! Here in Oregon, the daffodils are sprouting and my red penstemons have flower buds! Spring can’t be too far away now that the days are finally getting longer! Also, the pic of the puppy and kitten sleeping together is adorable!

  4. see above

    Happy, Merry, Christmas, Holidays – From the middle of the country we have several months to go before planting-blooming. Our solstice fire was wonderful wish I knew how to post it.

  5. sjterrid

    Merry Christmas, Norbrook! I hope everybody has a peaceful and joyful holiday, whatever you observe.

  6. Snoring Dog Studio

    Merry Christmas, Norbrook! I look forward to another year of your entertaining and informative posts!