Looking Ahead To Year 4 – Assuming The World Doesn’t End

Today marks the third anniversary of this blog’s creation.   At the time, this was supposed to be my “anything but politics” place, but as with many things in my life, those plans didn’t work out.  In fact, a majority of this blog’s posts have ended up being about politics.  Out of the 410 posts I’ve done here, 272 are in the “politics” category.  Every now and then I do try to make an attempt to go off into other areas, but something keeps making me come back to it.  The “something” is usually a politician, political party, or pundits doing or saying something I find rather … stupid, which are distressingly frequent occurrences.

Last year about this time I had a post up about “want to do versus can do.”  I talked somewhat about how my own experiences led me to understand why politicians aren’t always going to do everything various interest groups think they should be doing, in the way they think it should be done, and as fast as they think it should be done.   I said then that I’d learned that lesson again, and this year was another refresher course.   At this time last year, I could have told you what I was going to be doing this year.  I’d been in the assignment for 4 years,  I knew the job forward and backwards, and my boss and I had were making serious plans about what we were going to accomplish this year.

I knew that right up until the end of March, when I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse.   A promotion and a new assignment, which meant making a new set of plans.  Which turned out to be a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.  Some were expected, most were not.    The “I might have to make a few changes here” turned into “I have to get everything fixed.”  The “few changes”  I thought I’d be making turned into planning a three to four year major overhaul.    That’s assuming that I end up staying in this assignment, which given past experience, is not necessarily “a sure thing.”

I can confidently state that my blog posting levels will drop, starting in May.   That’s because the end of April is the start of “field season,” where my free time starts dropping rapidly towards zero as the work load moves from “heavy” to “completely insane.”   Add in that I didn’t get an assignment where the previous supervisors had everything running smoothly and in good condition, and the “completely insane” work load will start a lot sooner than before.

So what’s ahead for the next year?  I’ve completed a major overhaul of the blog itself – although 95% of it isn’t visible –  but in terms of posting it looks like “more of the same.”   I’d like to move away from politics, and I do have a number of drafts ready to go.  The problem I have is that politics and events keep happening.  The blog posts I had ready (or almost ready) for last week are still sitting in the draft folder, because of the Newtown tragedy.   The Republican Party and Republicans in Congress, along with various conservative organizations, are busily ignoring reality and seem bound and determined to go down into a black hole of stupidity.  The far Left – also known as frustrati, emoprogs, purity trolls, etc. – are busily relighting their hair fires.   Which means I’m going to be doing more political posts than I was planning on.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to slip in the other stuff between it.  It’s going to be interesting though!


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  1. “The blog posts I had ready (or almost ready) for last week are still sitting in the draft folder, because of the Newtown tragedy.”