Friday – It’s Been A Long Week (Updated)

I just did a quick check of the news, and there’s been another shooting incident.   This one is particularly horrific, it was in an elementary school in Connecticut.  There’s still a lot of things to clear up, but I’m getting sick and tired of hearing of these.   What makes it worse is that I know, within a few days, that Wayne LaPierre is going to issue a statement out of NRA headquarters that will be just as stupid as his other ones.  Update:  20 children dead, 6 adults, and the shooter.  Other updates at the end of the post.

Even as fracking rules are a hotly debated subject here in New York, the state is also getting ready to sue the EPA over its failure to regulate methane emissions.  One of the things that opponents of fracking in this state can point to is just across the border in Pennsylvania, which has had … issues … with fracking.   The gas companies often portray this as being safe for the environment, but what they say in the small print of the footnotes is “if done properly.”   The problem?  They don’t always do it properly, and by then it’s a mess to be cleaned up.  So “trust me” is not an option.

There’s a lot in the media about Michigan passing a “right to work law.”  Which is more realistically a union busting law.  I see the standard crap from conservatives saying this is “good for business and for workers.”  Really? It’s just good for business.  It sucks for the workers.   How do I know that?  Well, there’s a number of states with those laws, and interestingly enough, the average wage is lower, poverty rates are higher, and yes, the unemployment rate is low.  So you may have a job in that state, but you won’t get paid enough.  But that’s OK, you can have government subsidies (good for business) through food stamps and Medicaid.  You can also look at the figures that show that while corporate profits have been skyrocketing, corporate wages (except for executives) have not gone up.

There’s nothing like getting hammered by a superstorm or suffering through a major drought to start getting the message through that climate change is real:

A poll released on Friday by the Associated Press-GfK found rising concern about climate change among Americans in general, with 80% citing it as a serious problem for the US, up from 73% in 2009. Belief and worry about climate change were rising faster still among people who do tend not to trust scientists on the environment.

Some of the doubters said in follow-up interviews that they were persuaded by personal experience: such as record temperatures, flooding of New York City subway tunnels, and news of sea ice melt in the Arctic and extreme drought in the mid-west.

Sadly, it takes something like that to get it, because the media blitz by various groups to throw “doubt” meant that actual scientists saying it weren’t believed.  Sadly, it’s going to take a lot more to get various politicians to change.

Update:  From Chipsticks at The Obama Diary:

December 14, 2012 at 4:20 pm

Hi everyone, I know there’s only so much more sadness anyone can take, but just to let you know – CTGirl has been in touch to say that first she heard today that the daughter of a close friend had died in the shootings, and then she got a call to say her father had passed away.

I just don’t know what to say. I really don’t. CTGirl, we love you, we’re thinking of you, and so incredibly sad for you. May your father and the young girl both rest in peace.

The President on the shooting:



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8 responses to “Friday – It’s Been A Long Week (Updated)

  1. overseasgranny

    This shooting makes me sick to my stomach. I know the NRA will say guns don’t kill, people do, but guns in the hands of people do kill and this just has to be stopped. I am so glad I am currently living in a country that will not allow handguns or any gun other than a hunting rifle; the number of deaths by gun shot are few. It is past time in the US to take on the NRA.

    • Wayne LaPierre says exactly the same thing after every one of these incidents, and it’s always along the lines that these could be prevented by having more guns. I’m not only sick of these incidents, I’m damn tired of him saying asinine things like this.

      • overseasgranny

        Yeah, If only those 5-year olds had been packing, this never would have happened. What I want to say is “Fuck you, NRA, we’re going to finally take you down.”

  2. Dancer

    Brian Fischer already commented stupidly on a “gun-free” zone…Michigan legislature also just yesterday passed bill opening more venues (including schools) for carrying guns, YEGODS! And our sucky media continues reporting information that is NOT confirmed, interviewing elementary students and airing their comments, and speculating on things they have no information to support. This country is going INSANE!!!

  3. I’m really hoping this is the tipping point when sane Americans get pissed off and tell the NRA to go to hell. Hoping. We’ll see. I do suspect the President is listening.

    • I hope so. I come from a family of hunters, and I’ve been in the military. I’ve been around various guns for most of my life and I’m a pretty good shot. That said, I don’t see any need to carry one unless it’s a part of my job (and it hasn’t been for a while), or unless I’m actually hunting. I also know that the “justifications” the NRA uses for people having them outside of hunting or professional requirements are complete bullshit. About the only thing their “dream world” would do is up the body count.

      • see above

        I hate guns although I have spent time around them and did some shooting. I have never hunted anything though since I noever got the hang of preparing wild game. When people talk about more people having guns making us safer I remind them of the incident in New York at the Empire State Building last summer where the cops shot each other and bystanders to take down one guy.