Tuesday Tantrum

This past weekend saw the completion (mostly) of my blog overhaul.  As I said when I announced it, most of that has been “under the hood” work.   What turned into a much bigger project than I’d planned was going back through my archives and updating the formatting and tags on my posts.  I was very lax on that score the first year I  had this blog, as I discovered by going back through 140 some posts to fix them.    The other work I did is only visible if you’re paying close attention – and no, I don’t expect you to – or not visible to you, but makes the blog “efficient.”  Now on to another topic….

I know I said I wanted to move away from politics here.  One of the things I saw when I went through the archives was that I say that every year.  At least once, sometimes more.  I have a sizable range of interests, and a backlog of “stubs” for blog posts.  “Stubs” are just a quick paragraph of an idea that I’d like to expand on.  Unfortunately, I usually end up throwing “move away” part out, because someone or some Party goes diving into the stupid pool.   This is an example:

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said Republicans were still waiting for the president to make a new offer that identifies the spending cuts he will make in the deficit-reduction negotiations.

“The Republican offer made last week remains the Republican offer,” Steel said, adding the two sides were holding staff-level talks on Monday.

Which, as was pointed out, lacks specificity.  As Ezra Klein points out:

Republican staffers admit that they need more time to come up with specific cuts — and, for that matter, specific tax reforms. But they argue they’ll have that time. Any deal is expected to include a two-stage process: Targets for spending cuts and tax revenues now, combined with consequences that force Congress to hit those targets later.

The administration is a bit agog at this approach: If you don’t know how you’re going to hit your target, how can you possibly know whether your target is reasonable? It’s like buying a house with the expectation that you’ll figure out how to pay for it later.

The administration should be more than “a bit agog.”   I know I am.  Really, for the past 4 years, Republicans been screaming their heads off about making cuts in spending, cutting taxes, and reducing the deficit.  But after making all that noise, they don’t have specifics?  They’ve had four years to develop them.  They should have detailed and polished plans by now.  In addition to not having them, they want the President to tell them what cuts.  In other words, they want him to do their job for them.  The terms “lazy,” “incompetent,” and “stupid” are applicable to Congressional Republicans.   “We’re paying these people?” is another phrase which keeps running through my mind.

The conservative line after this past election has been “we didn’t adequately communicate our message.”   Seriously, I see that statement from every conservative in the media.   The problem they really have is that when people ask them exactly what they mean, and the answer is “we got nothing.”  Vague pronouncements, generalities?  Sure, they have those in plenty.  Actual plans?  They got nothing, and the rest of the country and the media is catching on.



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7 responses to “Tuesday Tantrum

  1. Vic78

    The problem was that they spent the last 4 years trying to sabotage him. They didn’t have a plan b. There was no governing scheme. All they do is campaign. The president should punish them. It looks like he’s on his way to doing that.

    • Which is why it’s a good thing that they didn’t win the White House or the Senate. I saw that when they took over the House in 2010. After all the Tea Party rhetoric, it turned out that they had no concrete ideas about what to do. Lots of slogans, but not a defined plan for legislation. Romney kept saying “trust me” and “I do have plans, I just can’t share them” all through the campaign. It wouldn’t have been a pretty picture if he’d won, because it’s now obvious they had no plans whatsoever.

  2. I thought they just didn’t want to take responsibility for the cuts. Now I see they don’t really know what to cut. Life is easy if lived via ideology rather than real practical decision making, I guess.

    • Exactly. My opinion of the current Republican Party is hitting new lows, and it wasn’t very high to begin with. When everyone and their mother knew the “fiscal cliff” was coming for … the past two years now … and the Republicans were certain that they’d win control again, you’d think that they’d have detailed plans ready to go. That they haven’t done even the basics doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

  3. addisnana

    The Republicans are all about the messaging. They don’t do specifics. As the phrase goes, “The devil is in the details.” Maybe that’s why they don’t do details. Just a thought.

  4. see above

    New modem she’s back. I think the reason they lost is because they did “adequately communicate their message” and it was “we have no ideas, no message, zip, nada, zilch”