Hopping Around On A Saturday

It’s been a busy week, and last month I said that I was hoping to shift what I write about from politics to other areas that interest me.   I did add the caveat that I could count on the Republicans doing something stupid, but I didn’t expect them to do it quite that quickly, or in such abundance.

Although that example is more intelligent than what the Republicans are doing.

Which has led them to decide to “double down” on their strategy, thinking that the reason they lost is because they weren’t … pure enough

and try to let us all know that if only we understood their message, we’d agree with them

Which hasn’t fooled anyone except their own base.

At the same time, their threats haven’t gotten the desired reaction they thought they’d get from Democrats

They still haven’t come up with a plan to move forward, and between their denying they need to change to deal with reality, the results are fairly predictable.

But far be it from us to speed their descent!

After all, it’d be such a shame!

Wouldn’t it?


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  1. see above

    The old policies, what policies, I don’t see any bad policies, look, look, over here we have a black man, a woman, and a hispanic they all like our policies. The climate, what climate, where? and on and on it goes!!!!!