Friday and the End of November

It’s the end of another work week and the end of a month.  I’ve been busily making changes here, but most of them aren’t noticeable.  The “rewiring of the blog” is well underway, and I should have most of it completed by this weekend.   What I’m doing is mostly moving things around, and tweaking some settings.  I’m going back through my early work, putting in breaks where there were none, and updating tags on them.  There are some new features being added to WordPress that I might decide to play with.

In other news…

The MESSENGER probe orbiting Mercury has found strong indications that there’s water at the poles.  Not liquid water, but ice.  This is a really interesting finding, since Mercury also happens to be closest to the Sun.

Given its proximity to the Sun, Mercury would seem to be an unlikely place to find ice. But the tilt of Mercury’s rotational axis is almost zero — less than one degree — so there are pockets at the planet’s poles that never see sunlight. Scientists suggested decades ago that there might be water ice and other frozen volatiles trapped at Mercury’s poles

Given the moans and cries from Republicans, and watching various corporate lobbying groups complaining about government policies, you’d think they were having awful times due to all this regulation and proposed taxation.  Except that … I know, those awful numbers again … the new data shows they’re making record profits!

You ever wonder how much CO2 is added to the environment by something?  Here’s a video from New York City, showing how much.  Each sphere equals a metric ton of CO2.

Impressive, isn’t it?   That’s just for NYC.

Best burn! of the past few days:

Ouch!  That’s going to leave a mark!

Finally, Fred Astaire called this “the greatest dance number ever filmed.”  It was done in one take, and modern dancers are still in awe – some think that the only way to replicate it today is if they used CGI.  It’s that impressive.



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4 responses to “Friday and the End of November

  1. see above

    WOW to Friday in November. Scarier than the New York CO2 is what I learned recently about fossil fuels and the climate. If our average temps go up 2 degrees we might as well look at Mars or Mercury to see the future of this planet. Right now what we have in reserves in fossil fuels, if burned, would raise the temps 5 degrees and yet we’re still drilling as if there were no tomorrow and paying high prices for stuff that if we only use what is drilled as of today will kill us. Is there such a thing as suicide by stupidity?

    • I don’t think it’ll be quite like Mars or Mercury, but it will be different. . Besides the sea level rise (say good-bye to many of the coastal cities), you’ll also have major disruptions in weather and some pretty hefty extinction events. We (as a species) might not die out, but it doesn’t mean the population won’t be trimmed pretty drastically.

  2. Vic78

    To think Romney’s bringing up Tesla electric cars in a debate as if it was a bad thing. Obama should’ve bitch slapped him with the company’s success and necessity. I noticed a climate change question never came up even though there were thousands of requests. So how does it look when we add LA, Beijing, Chicago, Moscow, and São Paulo? I knew we were going to at least be working on climate change when I hit adulthood. My teachers told me how bad it was going to get if we did nothing or close to nothing. I miscalculated.

    Oil companies need to spend some time explaining themselves to the public.

    • One of the “successes” 🙄 the Republican Party has had in policy discussions is to make “climate change” a somewhat politically poisonous topic. That’s changing, thanks to people getting hit with the effects of climate change, but that’s the unfortunate reality. However, many of the things that President Obama has done, and is proposing, are designed to reduce our CO2 output, in effect, combat climate change without saying you’re doing it.