Meta Thursday

Yesterday, WordPress had a “hiccup” regarding how it displayed the blog rolls on its sites.  They’ve since fixed this, but one of the good things about it was that a “temporary work-around” I found showed me some new capabilities had been added to that widget since I last looked.   The new capabilities give me the ability to do some organizing of the blog roll categories that I’ve been wishing I could do for quite some time.

Over the next month, I’ll be doing a lot of tinkering with this site.  Some of it won’t be noticeable, some of it will.   Among the things I’m going to be doing is some shuffling in the categories for the blog roll.  I’ll be moving some to a different category – and I’ve already started – while others will be added or dropped.  There are only three reasons I’ll completely drop a blog from my list.  First is if the blog is inactive.  That is, it hasn’t had a new post in quite some time, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be active.  The second is if the blog has “gone off-line,” or “private.”  I know of at least two cases of that, and while I haven’t gone through my complete lists, I wouldn’t be surprised to find more.  The final one is if they’ve gone off in a direction I strongly disagree with.  It has happened a few times in the past, and although I’m not aware of any new ones, I also haven’t checked.

In December, I’ll be doing my annual “theme experimentation.”  The theme I’m using now, Pilcrow,  is a good one.  It has a lot of features and flexibility.   It’s why I’ve stuck with it for two years.  Last year, there was one (Comet) which was almost as flexible and had a couple of features I liked, but wasn’t enough of an upgrade to warrant changing.  WordPress is always adding new themes, so I’m going to be running a few of them through their paces.  Consider this fair warning.

I’m also considering changes to the commenting “look” and features.  I’ll be doing some polls (I do have that capability) to see how popular some of the changes are, or aren’t.  In some cases, the theme changes may not allow for some of the things that you’re used to seeing here.

If things look bumpy over the next month, it’s because I have a habit of tinkering with things, particularly when it comes to computers.  I’m never “100% happy” with what I’m doing, so I’m always looking around to see if I can do something better – or just because I want to do something different.  I should be finished by the start of next year, and then it’ll smooth out.  Maybe. 😉



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5 responses to “Meta Thursday

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Please, though, stick with a theme that has serif type. I have so much trouble reading sans serif. Not that I’m your only reader, but… Also, please – no black background with white type! Ugh!

    • I use the “can I read this?” method when it comes to themes. A few of the ones I tried out last year had serious legibility problems. They looked good in preview, but in live, they didn’t.

  2. Better is always good but I have always liked what I found here Norwood.

  3. see above

    Since I’m a newbe here I’m not wedded to anything and still learning the whole blog world. I’ve never been know though as someone without an opinion. I’ll watch with great interest.

    • 90% or more of what I’m going to be doing is “under the hood” stuff. Things like putting in “breaks,” and updating the tags/categories in old posts, reshuffling the blog roll, and tweaking what shows up in the side bars. For a good part of the year, I really don’t have time for that, or even to blog, so when I do get some time, it falls into the “all at once” category. 😉 Theme changes are generally the most … noticeable