Sunday Musing

It’s the end of another week, and that means

Well, let’s see.  Texas and a few other Southern states are making noises about seceding.  Again.   They were doing this back in 2010 as well, when I looked at what it would mean for them.  Short answer:  Nothing good.  But, that hasn’t stopped them from once again starting petitions, stomping around on news shows and blogs, and generally annoying people.   This is rather a good example of them in action:

Ah well, we know it’ll come to nothing, they’re just … taking a few shots of their new drink.

Moving on to much nicer things, check out “Our Story in 1 Minute”

and “Children of Africa”

Both videos from the incomparable Melodysheep as part of his “Symphony of Science” series.

And finally, what should make us all very happy?


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